So Blizzard does hate Tank Players

F in chat for Orisa mains having the luck of running into a reaper.



I didn’t read the post. It’s just that the title makes it sound like tanks are the only people blizzard hates.


Come on now, Blizzard hates supports just as much as they hate tanks.


Dude, blizzard hates anyone who’s not blizzard.


Dude, Blizzard hates blizzard too, what do you mean?


Quote from Lord Kaplan on a thread about Blizzard hating tanks.


Would you mind also providing a quote about how they don’t lie in patch notes or neglect bugs for years on end? :slightly_smiling_face: No sarcasm or sassing to you. I just want to see if they tried to cover that up, too.


Those threads tend to get locked up too fast for toxicity for an orange reply.

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This jeff quote pisses me off

We have been doing this already for the love of god! We and others like me made gigantic constructive threads on how to fix the damn game but they ignore us!!


Blizzard hates anything that touches OWL.


Can you link me the patch notes? Can’t find anything.

[imaginary like because Blizzard limits positivity]


This is the first patch where I am second guessing myself. Not sure if I want to play until reaper gets a tiny nerf. He is constantly pushing back up to 200hp+. I fell down to low gold from mid/high platinum so the coordination is not as great and it’s going to be a nightmare.

Reaper is not going to abolish Goats meta; that meta is such a brawling composition that one tank will be replaced by reaper and the rest of the composition will stay the same.

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If it was on Gibralter and this event was on the first bend… I am sry…

While I did just win a game as four tanks and two supports versus a Reaper, I am definitely sensing a very DPS-heavy composition on the teams I play on currently, and I am worried about getting back into competitive, which I had planned to do this season! :frog:


What a load this is from Jeff. I could sit here and tell everyone how much I love something, but if my actions show the complete opposite, I would simply be a liar.


Tank players are just never going to be happy unless they’re immune to everything short of environmentals, and even then they’ll complain about boops.

Tanks are dominating the game. For almost an entire year nothing short of other tanks within a tank-enabled comp have been able to consistently kill tanks. Heroes like Bastion and Reaper, who were designed to bust down tanks, have not been able to do exactly that. And when even tank-busters are being lauded as being “mean to tanks,” I really have to ask, what do tanks want? What makes tanking fun? Because it’s like these players, no offense, just want a hero that has triple the health pool of other heroes, utility to move around and/or negate incoming damage, punishing damage, and yet, never be focused by enemy abilities and attacks that would cause them to die, never worry about counters or stuns or having to reconsider their tank line-up.

Reaper is finally able to kill tanks, like he’s supposed to. If you don’t want Reaper eating your tanks for breakfast, then you should look to the rest of your team to have an answer for him. He’s still extremely vulnerable to snipers and will lose or retreat from most 1v1 DPS duels. His cooldowns are long and one of them is nearly worthless. Reaper can be scary when he gets into position, but that’s allowing him to get into that position and then doing nothing about it when he’s there.

This buff is pretty significant for tank players, of course, but tanks have had very few DPS threats. Is it really so bad that one of the heroes intended to counter them finally has some weight behind him to do just that? Rethink your tank play, especially in relation to Reaper; don’t meet him up-close if you can help it, have damaging threats behind you to keep him from feeding off of tanks. At the end of the day, I think it’s important to realize that tanks have gone largely unpunished for a long time and I think a real threat to them will put tank play back to where it was meant to be, and no longer being super chunky DPS heroes.

Yeah why should i keep playing tank? Pretty much no incentive.


Why are people acting like tank aren’t good??

The only tank that is terrible right now is winston

Orisa isn’t the worst off against Reaper actually, that would be Winston. His pitiful DPS means that Reaper heals more than double the damage Winston is doing to him. It’s basically impossible for Winston to ever beat Reaper in a straight fight. It’s like Reinhardt against Pharah.