The devs don't play tank

anyone agree?

if it’s not, they love so much to play only rein and zarya for at lest 3 years or some…

I think the devs work for adjusting the balance for heroes but the balancing is only

for higher skilled players and pro players. not for the many.

I say again.

nerf those dps heroes, and buff non-barrier tanks.

I mainly play dva, the play is watching our teammates asses

AND do whatever dva can do everything.

the design of playing a heroe named dva originally not like this, right?

according to the history of OW’s balancing heroes. there were some

many changes for playstyle of heroes.

after fixed roll being the main rule of OW, playing tank means so much likely suffering.

and if a tank player wanna win, it’s like just pick barrier tanks. (rein) it is much easier.

nobody knows when OW2 is gonna come out. we have 8 tanks and only

few tank for actually playable now.

OW is abandoned.

it is all up to you devs.

please try some.

I say again, nerf those dps, and buff tank, especially non-barrier tanks.

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They do play Tank. They’ve just been struggling to avoid having high durability compositions.

At least with the Experimental changes to Mei, and Baptiste, they are heading in the right direction to reverse that.

I also suspect the Brig changes on Experimental are a component of a No-Peel Brig, or an OffTank Brig.

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I might seriously start playing again if we had an off-tank Brink and a Symm with some range. If Mercy could GA to enemies I would never stop playing.

Probably people shouldn’t listen to my balancing ideas.

ga for mercy? what is ga?

Guardian Angel, abbreviation of her Shift ability.

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thanx for 20 characters.

Jeff himself has hundreds of hours on tanks.

For the “many” the game is balanced. For the “many” you can pick any non Sombra hero and your hero choice does not reflect whether you will win or lose the game (counters aside). The game is so much more than hero choice that your hero choice really does not come into play until you know the basics and below mid-to-high Masters nobody really knows the basics and the basics are so much more important than hero choice.

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Players get so obsessed with the idea that you need Rein/Zarya to win that they get tilted whenever they don’t have one and cause themselves to lose, then convince themselves that it was because they didn’t have Rein/Zarya.


what do you mean no-peel brig?

Something like this:

thanx for long comment. but… I mean the term “no-peel”