I'm gonna say it

How about people start paying attention when in the Dev Updated it was said they think the support buffs/nerfs changed the game in a great way? It seriously seems to me that people just chose to ignore this simple, yet very freaking important line in the update.

Sure about the other heroes mentioned you’re right, but not about Mercy, the ones asking for an answer got their answer, but that got ignored for the most part, because it was not what they wanted to hear.

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The Mercy mains that have played since launch, and after the constant wave of rework nerfs, have a right to disagree.

Besides, this isn’t a Mercy post. Hell, this isn’t a post about any character. Read it again.


Well, read again my response then, I clearly said “you’re right about the other heroes, but not Mercy”.

All I said is that one of the 3 specific heroes YOU mentioned as needing answers towards their players, got one, but that answer got ignored, that’s all.

I agree with what you’ve said here, and I think Mercy has been poorly handled for a while now.

That said, I do take issue with a few of your points, namely:

In my opinion, Mercy still offers something unique for her team. Her mobility is among the best in the game, and being able to reposition to any ally within 30m (and LOS) every 1.5 seconds is still incredibly powerful (and fun, for whatever that’s worth).

Additionally, resurrect is still a very powerful ability. It might not be as overpowered as it used to be post-rework, but it can (key word) still provide massive value and turn around what would otherwise have been a lost fight.

Which ties into the next issue:

Apologies if I’m misinterpreting, but I believe Mercy’s biggest issue (from a balance perspective) has always been resurrect. It’s an inherently difficult thing to balance in a game like Overwatch, and was the primary cause of her being such a must-pick in recent months.

That said, I agree that her healing was not what needed attention. The end result was a weaker Mercy that allowed other support heroes to get their time in the spotlight, but the core issue (resurrect) was left unaddressed.

So yeah, the tl;dr is that I think resurrect has been the issue from the start. Balancing it is very difficult, and I get the impression that Blizzard isn’t looking for another rework at this point in time. Like I said before, I personally think 55HP/s would be the sweet spot that would allow her healing to feel impactful without invalidating heroes like Ana and Moira.

I’m not going to address the Mercy things because that’s not the point of my post. I’ll admit that I almost got pulled into it fully, but now I see that you’re trying to red herring me. If your next reply doesn’t involve Blizzard’s modus operandi when it comes to their responses, then I don’t want to hear it.

It’s the same with you. I’m not going to let my post derail into a Mercy post when that is not my intention. You block quoted the Mercy point in particular, so I know that’s what you had in mind while posting.

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I definitely wasn’t trying to red herring you. Your reply to my comment was largely focused on Mercy, so I thought it was fair game to respond to it and point out the parts I took issue with.

That said, I completely understand and respect your desire to avoid getting into that sort of discussion. Calling it a can of worms would be putting it lightly.

As for Blizzard’s modus operandi when it comes to their responses, I offered my thoughts on the matter in my first reply so I’m not sure I have much more to add.

I don’t care that you broke your elbow.


Not exactly, I was just pointing it out.

I do know they work in a very messed up way when it comes to responses, again that’s why I said “you’re correct on the other ones”. But in one specific you were wrong.

Believe me when I say all I want when it comes to these forums is that someone “fixes” that crap, so the spam of post about her cease to exist.

I also do NOT believe them in the dev update when it was said their main focus is on bug fixes and balance changes, hell look at Reinhardt, his last “bug fix” made him even worst to play because they managed to keep every single bug that was called fixed and introduce a few more, like the multiple animation Earthshatter.

People generally will be reluctant to talk/negotiate/debate with people who do nothing but demand.

its akin to banging on someones door demanding they let you in because you say so. They communicate with us out of courtesy not because we tell them too.

They’ve also said multiple times that sometimes its better to not say anything at all because do you know what will happen the moment one of them posts on a mercy thread? The “mob” will descend on them like a pack of vultures. This is true of nearly every single video game forum. It was true months ago with all the other hero dramas and such and its true now. They’re better off staying quiet.

“They’re better off staying quiet.” That mentality would’ve made Sony keep their anti-cross platform play stance.

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True but theres a time and place for all things. Just because someone should stay quiet now doesn’t mean they should forever.

Okay Professor Oak.

Seriously though, I do get what you’re saying. Though even staying silent can tell the opposition that you concede, and that everything is fine. It’s tricky.

If I came off so pro-Mercy, it’s because I tend to get fervent when it comes to the character I played exclusively before I stopped about a month before the rework hit live. Once more, my bad. Thanks for your input on the heroes that I listed though. It does give me more information as to why they received the changes they did.

I have to give it to concurrent Mercy players though. They are really passionate. Enough about Mercy from me though. It’s not what my post is about.

Honestly, I feel you when it comes to Rein. He feels worse to play now than he did back when his swing had a hit delay. Have they even addressed that?

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Good post but maybe don’t start by giving the devs a reason to ignore ALL posts?

I bet Mercy will get attention soon. Bunker comp is slowly being buffed and she’s their favorite main healer. Blizz HQ is probably going like:
Brigitte gets released as an OP monster
Devs: “we killed dive, why aren’t they playing bunker to counter?”

Symmetra gets reworked and a small buff after
Devs: “Symmetra counters barriers, spams, and gives slow heroes mobility, why aren’t they playing bunker with her?”

Orisa gets a small buff, deathball (including stun ball and triple support) gets nerfs
Devs: “Orisa doesn’t get instantly run over anymore, why aren’t they playing bunker?”

This next patch is gonna be:

Orisa gets a buff, Roadhog and Torbjorn aren’t completely useless anymore, Brigitte doesn’t have a Roadhog’s worth of shield

Devs: “the bunker tanks are decent now, one of bunkers many underpowered heroes isn’t a troll pick, why aren’t they playing bunker?”

Mercy’s probably going to get looked at next patch or the one after to make sure bunker’s main healer isn’t garbage like their combo dps. Hopefully Junkrat too but I’ve got no expectations there.

Yes, they wanted her to be outclassed, boring, and have fans outraged with every right to be.

Not really, he is still pretty bugged, not to mention they removed little things that made his playstyle change from player to player, like animation cancel swings with a Fire Strike.

Sometimes you can still see his hits “landing” (with sound and visual effects), but they do not register, as far as I know it isn’t that common anymore, but still happens.

Honestly, Blizz probably has to be careful what threads they do and don’t respond to, especially ones that suggest changes. Forum mods/devs are held to NDAs after all and other contracts. There’s probably a lot they can’t discuss whether to even confirm or deny that they’re reading different things.
I’m not defending the silence or the allegations made recently by some members of the community, but Blizz’s response to the Tank thread sort of had me thinking. They didn’t confirm or deny changes–they simply stated they do care about tank players. It just makes me think that like I said, they have to be careful about what they do/don’t post especially on certain forum “hot topics”.

Mercy is balanced now.

They wanted her to be borderline unusable? Unable to heal you if you’re taking any amount of damage? Used only because of res? Funny, I was under the impression that they didn’t want her to only be useful for res. In fact, I’m fairly certain that was in the rework patch’s dev update. I’d try to find it, but honestly I don’t care enough to put more effort in than the dev team.

Would you be happier if Jeff just said this for every thread saying “Why do the devs hate ________”?

Jesus, you guys want more communication than a jealous lover.

lol I like how thats apparently a professor oak thing seeing as its a proverb from way before modern times ha

Yes yes it can. But what do you want them to do? They’re damned if they do damned if they don’t. You talk about things to early and people get hyped then get mad when it falls through. You wait to talk about it and people become impaitent and rage.

The issue now is that people are impatient and want immediate changes failing to realise that a single change depending on its severity can completely turn the game on its head in regards to balance and hero abilities.

It can take anywhere from a month to a year to get those things right.