(EDIT: i dont actually think they hate tank players)

i know some tanks are getting buffs but they make so many changes that makes tanking a lot less fun and it wasnt too much fun to start with :stuck_out_tongue: torb is just another character who can melt any tank within seconds

either way hanging up my tanking hat after spending 90% of my gametime on tanks

EDIT: i just want to clarify i never actually really thought they hate tank players sometimes it just felt like they did a lot of anti tank things, i really wish if any of my posts blew up like this it was a more rational better worded one that i actually thought out decently


I mean…okay, someone else will just fill the role


At this point I’m willing to believe dev’s just don’t like the opinions of the players.


they will? tank mains are not common


someone always does.

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Thats realy positive way of thinking, when people just go only dps in many gimes where i play XD


i will admit, in quickplay, i prefer playing dps, but if i have my friends and we are playing to win, i will play and fill any role i need to

Welp, Torb also now is the best friend for tanks now since he can keep his terminator daughter in control and deny areas for flankers since they will burn much faster than tanks actually.
So it`s like: i love you but i hate you but i love you.


Welp i was plaing usualy qp with tanks because it was fun for me, and sometimes i was called tryhard (even when i charge off map)

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Did you say… tank main? (me)

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You mean devs hate Hog players


Torb deletes tanks lol. D.va is absolutely useless against him and he pumps so much damage into all of them


They don’t hate tanks. They just want playing Damage and Support to be fun. I honestly don’t think they thought much about how Reinhardts felt about Brigitte because they were focusing on making her a Tracer counter


Well dunno about D.va, but Orisa can almost safely cross dat lava floor with fortify and block it with a barrier when he start spilling it.

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this really true it seems like with every rework we got Hanzo,symmetry,torb and probably bastion will all be tank busters . also as a master player finding main tank players (people who main rien orisa and winston) are not as common as before


Since when? Is the headbox shrinking that bad? Haven’t played against new torb but I imagine D.Va will still be the Designated Turret Killer

(Also torb’s new ult singlehandedly made me not want 400A/100H D.Va back so good for him)

Yea tanks are hated so much the current meta is 3 tanks 3 supports.


I’d imagine you can just boost off of it before too much damage is taken :stuck_out_tongue:

I think they are really concerned about tank heavy metas. Whenever you have a tank heavy meta, the damage category gets marginalized or goes unused. Look at the traditional triple tank, which only used Soldier, or the current goats comp with no damage characters.

They want as many characters viable as possible so we don’t get locked into a single meta supporting only a fraction of the cast. Besides, only one viable meta means boring OWL. Boring OWL means less dollars.


It’s not even just that. If he closes the distance on you. He becomes a minitank while shotgunning you down. That 150 armor added with the increased rate of fire is no joke lol