Feels like the devs just ignores the Mercy situation

It all depends on who people find fun. Maybe they don’t find ana/lucio/zen very fun.

It’s not a philosophy I personally enjoy or like because I get a lot of enjoyment from variety myself, but if that’s the way they play…

I was just saying every hero has those…“fans”…that take it a bit too far.

But how have we done that? All they’ve had to say is they think the changes are successful to supports, which is true. Mercy is no longer dominant. You can’t possibly say that they’ve even slightly mentioned our main concerns, which is her fun level.

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Mercy’s situation is not really all that bad, in the long term context of the game. Many other heroes, including every support but Brigitte, have been weaker for longer.

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I do agree with the notion that every hero fan base has the loud dramatic section. It just seems so much more prevalent overall in the game that it seems to be mercy.

Fun is subjective so how would they address it, and even if they did, would it be enough? I really doubt it.

Beyblade, as in, “the meta in which Reaper was Ana’s toy spinning top.”

Because mercy has the most mains of any hero in the game.

It’s the same reason there’s very few angry ragey bastion threads.

But that’s still our main concern. It seems like a pretty large portion of the Mercy mains (at least on the forums) agree shes no fun anymore. And I’ve seen a similar sentiment all over the place, on Reddit and Twitter for example. So I feel like even them saying “we feel she’s still fun” is warranted.

This is a video game. Fun is supposed to be the primary goal.

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Again-- fun is subjective. Just because you think it’s not fun does not make it a fact that she is not fun to play.

Some people have found Mercy to be boring or unfun since the very beginning. That’s because they don’t like playing support, or healer, or they don’t enjoy the most passive playstyle there is to play. You don’t see them saying “Address my concerns that Mercy is not fun” they just play something else.

The “fun” factor is just a flimsy excuse to have something to whine about. If you’re playing something you don’t find fun, that’s a you problem.

The people who still think she’s fun dont complain loudly.

Also, the complaints escalated drastically with the 50 hp/s nerf. Going from overpowered (for ages) to slightly underpowered is going to suck a lot, and make people feel low-impact and un-fun. It’s hard to sort that out from her inherent playstyle being less fun now.

Thing is a lot of Mercy Mains HAVE learned other heroes or those who didn’t did quit.

However just because they quit or learned a new heroes doesn’t mean they’re going to be idle as a hero that probably brought them into OW is in a state where she’s at.

So maybe, instead of saying “just learn a new hero” maybe offer ideas of new heroes to try out instead? Maybe even outside support.

Some of my Mercy Main friends went to Tank and even DPS because, to them, they provided the same amount of fun and allowed them to use their game-sense they gotten from Mercy.

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Did you miss the part where I said I’ve seen tons of other people say the same thing? For it being subjective it seems almost 90% of Mercy players I meet in-game and other wise agree she’s not fun anymore.

Ah, yes. The infamous “Just learn a new hero!” By that logic all Sym, Bastion, and Reaper mains should just shut up and learn a new hero as well, right? Except you only use that argument on us, for some reason. We want the hero we’ve been playing for hundreds of hours to be good. Don’t you want yours to be too?

I’m not playing her actually. Because I don’t find her fun. And how is that a flimsy excuse? This is a GAME. It’s meant to be FUN. And wasn’t Mass Rez removed because it wasn’t fun? Stop being hypocritical lol.

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They have gotten suggestions and refuted every single one.

“Mercy is not fun to play and is boring and not impactful, yet at the same time she is the only hero I enjoy playing while simultaneously not enjoying her but I don’t enjoy any other hero on the roster much more than I don’t enjoy Mercy and I just wish Mercy was how she was in the good old days (two years ago, a year before I actually started playing lolz) but I saw a video with mass rez and it looked awesome so that’s what I want even though I have no idea what I’m talking about”

Is basically a summary of how people act on these forums.

Nah, Blizzard can’t be ignoring it. I mean, Jeff even stated that they play all heroes and all roles, and look for constructive feedback, blah, blah, blah.


You’re assuming and projecting a lot, but missing the number one thing I said in my post: Fun. Is. Subjective. It is not a fact that Mercy isn’t fun. It’s an opinion.

I mean I swear every time you forget to read the part where I say “lots of others have expressed this opinion”.

I’m not claiming it’s a fact. But if a significant potion of her playerbase share that opinion, there is a problem there. And nearly every one I meet does in fact share that opinion.


And a lot of people I talk to and play with on the regular say and feel the opposite. Take anecdotal evidence for what it is but don’t push it as fact, kid.

You are presenting it as fact and then trying to say it’s so because “some people you talked to” said the same thing as you. Wow, you found people on the internet who echo your sentiment? Color me shocked.

A 5 second google search got me the same results.

I apologize that you have run into people like that here.

I guess I can be considered lucky since most of the Mercy Mains I’ve seen here have mentioned that they have tried other heroes; and even though they are not as enjoyable as Mercy is to them, they have expanded their hero pool.

However nothing will replace the pure enjoyment they had with the hero that brought them here in the first place.

Are some Mercy mains like the way you stated? I wouldn’t doubt it; however I know that not all of them are like that at all. I remember a while ago a former Mercy Main actually posted a very well organized and thought out thread of heroes for Mercy Mains to try since they (coming from playing Mercy themselves) that maybe others could find the appeal in them too.

Some may not like the other heroes at all, but some maybe open and just unsure as to which way to go in.

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Most people have. I only play on PTR when the OP reworks hit.
It’s looking worse and worse for them, ignoring all the Mercy threads and suspending people for speaking about her. Hopefully they stop ignoring the problem because it will not go away until they address the complaints. (Hypocrisy, fun factor, toxicity, and now, her numbers). Nothing good has come out of this rework and they need to address that.

So you’re basically confirming that you do not, in fact, know what you’re talking about when you crusade for this lost cause? Fascinating, illuminating, and enlightening. Revealing, even. :clown_face::rose: