Why do you hate mercy and the player base

they dont hate mercy.

they hate hearing about whining about mercy.

then after they switched whining fro mthe ppl who didntu se her to the ppl hwo usedh er they sighed and then just tossed em all in the trashpile megathread to not have to see em.

TBH I am a mercy main. She needed QoL changes not a rework. They wasted somuch time on her for the mess of a result she is and all this needless “for/against” posts are a result of bad original choice.

do i want her changed some? yes. Should they make it #1 priority? no. there are others who ae in need of work done before that happens.(same goes for sym as shes had too much tiem to get to where she is)


[Insert yet another Michael Scott “Thank you!” gif. Because I still am not at the necessary trust level.]
I agree, the rework shouldn’t have happened in the first place. Even then, Blizzard can’t be 100% to blame for this. I’d put most of that on the ones who were bandwagoning against Rez, since they made a racket back then that could put the current outcry to shame. It’s no wonder why Blizzard felt pressured to change her.

Not heaven, but definitely places.

Even said 1.5% GM pickrate is higher than almost half the entire cast.

Is Mercy doing relatively poorly? Yes. Is she doing so poorly that she merits immediate attention and for Blizzard to open a dialogue specifically about her?

No. Get in line.


Is reading that difficult for you or?


Context matters here. Mercy is one of three main healers out of six healers overall. Most heroes with low pick rates are DPS which we have 15 of so their pick rates will naturally be lower.

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If anything they adore you hence why they haven’t suspended most of you for breaking forum rules repeatedly

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Should the real question be:

OP, why are you so obsessed with a video game character?

They don’t.

Any more questions?

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That child’s logic.

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because they act like entitled babies and you can tell alot arent used to being in a FPS gaming community so they think the world revolves around them.

oh, wait…

your sarcastically asking jeff…

well kinda proves my point.

Because of threads like this. There’s your answer. You’ve only yourself to blame.


Two of them are tanks.

And for the rest of them? There are 2.5x as many DPS as healers. Adjusting for that we shave off… 2 DPS? So instead of being ahead of 10 heroes she’s ahead of 8? Whoa nelly, the devs obviously hate mercy for her to be doing so average!

hence why I put his name in, this is meant to get there attention and if it does get removed or I get banned off the forums all they do is confirm what we already think. I want mercy to be fun to play again ,more for the player base then myself.


I don’t.

No, it’s probably more likely to get removed because this thread serves no real purpose.

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personally you have point there are people that are pains like that I’ve had my share of them, but that still doesn’t excuse all the nerfs disrespect and outright harassment the players who ARE good mercy players get. And hate the player who plays her not the character herself.

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it’s pretty evident that they hate mercy, coz she was unfun to play against now she is unfun to play as, with, and against. just to preserve the res ability. it’s the core issue pointed out by mercy players and non-mercy players alike

I don’t think they hate her. They just don’t know how to balance her.


I dont want her to be number one priority or OPAF but I gotta say all the heroes like Sombra, Bastion, Reaper and so on and so forth were already in a crappy situation before Mercys rework.
So maybe instead of giving Mercy a massive unwanted rework they should have paid some attention to those other heroes as well.