Blizzard hates tanks

It all makes sense now. No, they can’t just nerf Brig, Lucio and whatever other support enable it. They nerf all of the heavies save for Zarya and Roadhog.

If GOATS is such an issue Blizzard should just nut up and say so. It already sucks playing main tank and somehow the dev team made it worst.

Bring on Anthem already.


They did. Jeff went on Emongg’s stream and said as much.

Go to the 14 minute mark:


Takr away a little bit… If he’s trying to kill GOATs… why not take alot

Didn’t they do a lot in this patch?


A majority of players are DPS people so it’s no surprise Blizzard balances the game in their favor. Most people find tanks boring.

Alot dont! Of they want to cater to DPS just delete everyone but DPS

Déjà vu.

We are in a meta with 3 tanks and no dps heroes.
You’ll have a hard time convincing anyone tanks are weak.
Because they are not.


Unfortunately, balance seems to be a commonly complained about problem on forums.

People still seem to be having fun with it, though.

What people fail to realize is that tanks are just not fun to play, for most people anyway. That doesn’t necessarily mean they’re too weak.
Saying that ‘‘it already sucks to play tank’’ is a bit silly, considering that by doing this, they’re making them less mandatory in the first place. Therefore, easing the burden on our shoulders.

Something being boring and undesirable to play shouldn’t be incentive for power. That only leaves us with a more unsatisfied player base overall.

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None of the following is being said seriously.

Think about it, think about the volume of dps vs tanks or even vs tanks/supports. Tanks get in the way of dps and stop them from having fun, if you consider the real fantasy is a DPS play of the game then the tanks are just stopping that, sure, supports have an easier time staying covered by a beefy character that is easy to heal but they can still heal dps and other supports which means maybe the “obligation” to have a tank role wasn’t at first a big deal and now they feel it limits the “fun” you can have.
Imagine what OW would’ve been in a more deathmatchy style of play, the tankiest you got were reaper or doomfist and supports were designed to deal with such a deathmatchy style, it’d probably be an utter mess but most people would be happy about being able to play their dps. With that in mind or that as an objective tanks quickly could be regarded as a flaw especially if they can stack and become dominant completely replacing dps (which with such overwhelmign majority of characrters sounds ridiculous) in the high level play therefore removing the “fun” in it.
All I have left to say is…
Hail Father DPS! Hail Mother Support!
Death to the Tanks Oppressors!