Roadhog buffs coming. Reaper, anyone?

Is that why Reaper players always feel the dev responses and feel that “We’re in it together”?

The fact is that second to Bastion players after his rework, Reaper players have been ignored completely again and again and again.

We’ve been explaining why he needs buffs since Triple Tank meta in season 3.
We’ve told you the wraith buffs and passive buffs were inadequate.
We’ve told you how much we hate his spread, which is ~500% that of Tracer’s.
We’ve told you how much we hate his uselessness against armor.
We’ve told you how poorly shadowstep has been designed.
We’ve provided professional opinions and pickrates and winrates to support our claims.
We’ve sat through Mei dropoff buff, all hitscan dropoff buff, Brigitte’s release, and 10 competitive seasons.

Now, Torb is going to be made into a better shotgun hero with a better area-denial skill.
McCree and 76 are going to get buffs.
Fat Reaper i.e. Roadhog will get buffs.
Pharah will get buffs/changes.
Because we didn’t have enough heroes surpassing Reaper and doing his job and generally making our lives miserable.

The only official dev comment we have received on Reaper is:

“Reaper ebbs and flows with the meta”.

Funny. It’s been around 2 years since Reaper was ever in the meta. Unless Reaper is going to be in the meta for the next 10 seasons, is this statement just a pure lie? Because it seems just as false as the “We’re in it together” claim after they decided to nerf Shadowstep in the latest patch notes.

inb4 The devs can’t read each and every topic on the forums

Reaper posts:

Wanna know the funny thing? Even for something NOT gameplay related, i.e. putting Gabriel Reyes’ voicepack into Reaper’s human skin (with 711 likes and 256 comments) have been ignored

Do we have to wait til Archives for another mild buff, or is it just a silent message for Reaper players to go fart themselves, or what? Because we literally have no idea what you have in store for Reaper, or if you guys even have Reaper on the patch you guys are playing. Judging from the 2 years’ worth of negligence, I honestly cannot tell.

Or are you guys finally going to admit that Shadowstep is the worst ability in the entire game, a certain hero has been underperforming since forever, and get to fixing your mistake?


Cool thread, but I’m pretty sure making a mean spirited parody of the one the devs replied to will only accomplish one thing: more silence for everyone. Might I suggest changing tactics?


Took your advice and changed the title. Doesn’t quite have the ring to it but I’d take a lesser response over a banning one.

Didn’t quite change the content though. I feel like most of it is fact and it’s difficult to sugarcoat it when they have indeed been ignoring it


I propose “Reapfat”.

Seriously though, I need some god-damn help.

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Just give up and play a different game, I’ve accepted they will never fix this heap and unpopular heroes will just never be as good as the poster children.

Every new patch feels like a punch in the gut.

Hitscan buffs, Brigitte’s release, Torb rework, Pharah, Soldier, and McCree buffs, now Roadhog’s getting buffed before Reaper will be even talked about.

Reaper is dead. He is completely unfun to play and is underkitted and overshadowed by other DPS heroes.



Much like in game, I never give up until I see the defeat screen. Until the developers come out and say “We think Reaper could use a nerf”, I’m not giving up the lost fight


I hope they get around to buffing Reaper. Maybe they were just waiting for the shotgun changes first, they effect Reaper more than anyone.
(I’m not saying that they thought this was going to be enough).


They have been. Just instead of being forward with it, they’re twisting the words, saying they’re buffing another hero.

That’s another point I previously made. The devs have been too conservative with Reaper.

“We’re gonna buff his passive heal”
Takes 5 seasons before changing anything else

“We’re gonna buff wraith form. We know we said it shouldn’t be cancellable but now it is”
Still sits in troll tier, 2 seasons now

“We’re making shotgun improvements”
Who knows how many more seasons?

Meanwhile, let’s nerf shadowstep and buff Roadhog!!

It’s about damn time they start actually making changes instead of giving him 1 more pellet and seeing if that makes him OP. You’d think 12 season in, they’d realize how far Reaper is falling behind, but apparently not.


It’s not just Reaper, the entire games balance is screwed. How long we’ve been fighting for reaper buffs, years? Everything we suggest the devs are against even when we’ve got stats and common sense to show he needs help, remeber when we asked for wraith form to be faster and cancelable and Geoff said it shouldn’t because it made him predictable? Remeber when we told him genji basically could already do that with more versatility and he left the thread? It was like a year later we finally got that change, a God damned year.

It’s not just that our favorite hero is bad the whole game is like this, broken things stay broken for months at a time and then they wonder why the player count took a huge hit. Then they introduce un fun heroes like Bridgette and hamtato and piss on players more, jet pack cat was a fan favorite but he was too goofy for the game, yet a cc king hamster somehow is fine?

It’s like the hyppocritocal spirit of the devs leaks into every facet of this game and they never learn a lesson from any of it, they don’t see mistakes they see success somehow.

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Bet he’s not even going to get anything for Halloween – his holiday.

Unrelated to balance I know; but you did link my post where I share my grievances (thanks btw <3)

Hopefully working together will get this mess sorted out. We certainly seem to be “in it together” more than the devs ever were.

Don’t know how likely it is. But one can dream.

I wouldn’t be surprised if they said “Reaper has had 2 skins in the last 2 halloweens so we are ignoring him this time”

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At least they’re being measured. That was the old criticism, right? Everything was either OP or nerfed to shambles.
Btw, Junkrat’s officially as bad as Reaper at any rank where he can’t get free kills. At least you have company.

They’re only measured with heroes they don’t like, or aren’t esports favourites.

I main Reaper, but from my POV he is really hard to change, because it’s pretty easy to make him OP. Maybe don’t rng his shotguns.

At this point in Reaper’s life span in this game, I can’t see a meta he’ll ever be apart of.
His kit is too straightforward at this point. He’s more vanilla than Soldier, and that’s saying something.

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Ok but Ana and Lucio until the support patch; Zarya, Hanzo, Brigitte and Mercy since season 10; and McCree.

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Not quite in the same category as Reaper + Bastion but as a Cree player I completely understand.

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No pitchforks only here.