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The State of Heroes of the Storm A.I

Hello, and good day to you all! My name is Kevin Gu, and I am a Senior Designer on the Heroes team. I have been working alongside Jeff Beaudoin, our Lead Gameplay Engineer, on our game’s A.I. We wanted to take a moment …

146 9 April 2020
Emojis of the Storm™ ⚡

Welcome to Emojis of the Storm A thread where you can use the in-game emojis through your forum browsing experience, inspired by the Overmoji Café this would be a great step to bring more life to the forums. P…

676 26 March 2020
Extensive Guide to Forum Syntax

Welcome to the Extensive Guide to Forum Syntax in this guide you will learn all you need to know about formatting your topics to be well detailed and high quality, if you have been long enough on the forums you might hav…

55 21 March 2020
Hotfix Patch Notes - December 17, 2019

We’ve released a hotfix today with updates below. GENERAL Made minor configuration changes in some regions to improve matchmaking queue times. Updated some tooltip descriptions to show proper localization.

5 6 March 2020
Hero Release Data by Years II

A post about the different years’ franchise and role diversity. Base(/Trailerless) Heroes:

List of HeroesAbathur, Arthas, Diablo, ETC, Falstad, Gazlowe, Illidan, Malfurion, Nazeebo, Nova, Raynor, Sgt. Hammer, Sonya, Ta…

17 17 February 2020
The Patch History

2020 2019 2018 2017 2016 2015 2014 2020 March 11 Balance February 12 Balance January 22 Balance 2019 December 16 Balance December 3 Deathwing November 22 Balance October 15 Balance September 24 Balance Se…

28 21 January 2020
Weekly Account Suspensions for Non-Participation

Every week, we issue a new round of account suspensions and bans for players who regularly go AFK, refuse to participate, or intentionally and repeatedly die during their Heroes of the Storm matches. These actions are t…

4 1 July 2019
**Welcome! Please Read Before Posting.**

Welcome to the General Discussion forum! You can use this forum to discuss all aspects of Heroes of the Storm with other players. Important Reminders: Review the forum Code of Conduct before posting Community forums w…

4 7 September 2018
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