Hotfix Patch Notes-February 21, 2023


We’ve released a hotfix patch today to address following points.

  • Fixed an issue where Industrial District ARAM map could not properly create a replay.
  • Hero choices are now Hero’s class based instead of role based in ARAM.
  • Changed Level-up loot chests from Christmas to normal ones.
  • Added the Paramour Pajamathur Abathur Skin and Deathranger Nova Skins.

So ya took the horse outback… shot it in the face. Two years later you sh!t on its bones. That’s just crazy blizzard. How about a real update.


me and the bois ready to play the entire 3 minutes of new content added to HOTS


Thank you for the update! Appreciate everything you guys do even if it is small!


Thanks for the small hotfix, appreciated. Some balance adjustments to overperforming and dominating heroes would be amazing as well.


Can we get back them (white)shark mounts pls!!??

Someone inform their upper “management” of how much money theyre losing by neglecting this game


Appreciate the update, any chance we could get a “Thoughts and prayers” spray?

I’m afraid your update may have broken the chat channels. Language based chats in which you are placed after logging in display all participants properly, but that is not the case with custom ones, which aren’t even listed on the right tab, there’s only the initial message inside of the main chat box.

Thank you for the update! Really appreciate it.


The heroes we need but don’t deserve.

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Thank you for the update

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Nice, so there is still at least 1 coder working on the game in his spare time. Thanks whoever you are. Maybe pester your manager for a bigger team D:


Hey man, let me know if you need some technical support.

Hey Cydra, thank you and Pez so much for still being here for this community. Since y’all added back the Pajamathur and Deathranger skins, and last July added the Spectral Butcher skin. I was wondering if there is any chance of adding back any of the other 16 skins still not currently available?


Just posting so you know the game is not dead xD

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Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Cav?

The biggest ARAM balance patch since the removal of rags fire wave ult

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Nice patch! Thanks a bunch for fixing up aram roles. Dva sucks into any real tank.

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