The Official Unofficial Off Topic Thread

Because we all like to talk about other things that are not Heroes of the Storm, also because we still don’t have an off topic forums ayy lmao.

mods if you read this please consider adding an off topic sub forum for all games, thank you <3

Want to talk about a movie you just watched?
A bad day?
Maybe another video game you enjoy playing when you aren’t playing HotS?

Talk about anything! Though keep in mind of the rules of course and avoid discussing anything political and all that spicy stuff no one likes.

Maybe we can come up with something as a community who love HotS! Who knows, that’s what off topics are in a nutshell are.


Finally got to the second part of my Verdant Wind playthrough after finish Crimson Rose route on Three Houses; this is seriously cutting my HotS time but i want to know all the parts of the story :blush:

Just wish HotS had a Pve/Story mode , it got insane potential with all the characters and the alt timelines/universes already established as coexisting.

The megathread also needs some attention to get it to 1k.


I want to hug SamiSha. But he’s far away from me. :frowning_face:


Ohhh, the long-distance relationships :sleepy:


I have been having the same issue with this new modding hobby I have been going for the past 4 months, really cutting my HotS times, even Logan started to complain :slight_smile:

But hey at least its fun.

Otherwise when I am not modding I spend that time making dumb avatars that I use for about a day or two on Discord before changing it back.

Epilepsy Warning for this image

I do really have issues…


You will have all the time to hug me once we play Tass Tracer again.

Also when you play A Hat in Time with me so I can troll you a little bit with the dweller mask. :heart:


I am a huge advocate for a PVE mode for hots
After escape from Braxis braw the huge potential of a PVE mode was clear for me and i rly think it would bring a huge crowd for the game
With potental expansions like heartstone

So much potential


And to be honest given the games financial status I wouldn’t be against spending money to buy acccess, kinda like what Hearthstone did with it’s first adventures where you had to pay to be allowed to play the mode (one time pay for the campaign and then a skin or something upon completion)
As much as I love a free game the game does need monetization somehow and the ability to buy what you want iwth in game currency I feel is too generous for the games long term health

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It would definetly be a very weird system to see similar to the TF2 MVM where you require to buy a ticket that costs 0.99$ to play a round of MVM PvE that has loot drops with it compared to the boot camp version of it.

I have a question for DrLogan:

Are you a real doctor, or are you like one those TV drama doctors?


Would saying that he’s an alien answers your question?


Well i am a real doctor, i have PhD in Chemestry

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I’m not thinking the Tour of Duty thing
I’m more thinking like a mini expansion you spend I don’t know let’s say between 3 and 10 dollars depending on how much is there and you unlock the mode entirely. Maybe a free level for everyone to try it out and then you have to pay for more.

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Yes I can get behind that for sure.

Dentist. Going to be.


Well I just got into Warhammer 40k lore and I am loving it. Super in depth and awesome as well as really DARK. Plus i’m gonna pick up Warhammer 40k Dawn of War because it’s a cool RTS 40k themed game and RTS games are awesome.


Glad to have the support on this idea
Seriously infuriates me when people complain about transactions like that. When a game is as generous as HOTs for it’s free to play players
Not that I don’t appreciate it but the game has to make money somehow.

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I see some scary people at the dentist, more-so their teeth are yellow or have holes in them. Plus you probably catch a whiff of their breath while working on their teeth and that might not smell too good.

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On a more fun note, I’ve started watching BlackList on Netflix, I am having a blast. Reddington is just such a joy to watch, always smiles and a chill guy but also so menacing at the same time it’s awesome.

I want to replay DAO for 20 time now.

Wtf help me

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