New Ladder Season Started–February 7, 2023


A new Ladder Season has started, and Battlegrounds have been updated to Ranked matchmaking as below.

  • Alterac Pass
  • Battlefield of Eternity
  • Braxis Holdout
  • Cursed Hollow
  • Dragon Shire
  • Garden of Terror
  • Infernal Shrines
  • Sky Temple
  • Tomb of the Spider Queen
  • Towers of Doom
  • Volskaya Foundry

Also, we’re aware of the visual issue where Ranked screen sometimes does not update wins or loses immediately in Ranked Play, before a relog, and we are currently working on it.

Thank you, and see you in Nexus!


Would be great if you could give us a new hero, a new game mode, or something other than skins! Also give people warnings if reported multiple times for afk and abusive text/spamping because a big chunk of this community is either flaming or afking. Just makes a great game not so great.


Honestly a nice little change to the pool to add a bit of flavor to the seasons. Hanamura and WHJ were definitely two of the weakest maps in the pool.
Now we just need some seasonal balance changes so that the meta feels less set in stone and active players don’t have to take longer regular breaks from the game. :pray:


Whoud be nice only if whould be fixed. Like this is just we change bad map for worst one and instead of 12 maps we have 11 from total 15. So whit this style we will end just whit 1 boring map like LoL after 3 years.

Hots is my favorite video game. I hope Microsoft does something with it. Glad you’re all doung some things with it. I’d like to be able to get the dinosaur mounts if you ever rerelease those.

Hello! If anybody knows when next season will start?

So where is then promissed map rotation? Just put all 15min and you dont need do any map rotation.