New set dungeons

Hi,Matthew ! in the game there are new sets, and I , I think like many, I have a question. and when it will be a new set dungeon ?

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Most likely after all classes have received their new sets.

I wish set dungeons were for powering up your sets; where you “sacrafice” a complete ancient legendary set in exchange for one random primal piece of the same set (can’t be used on set’s with less than 3 set pieces) at the end of your set dungeon.

You have to be wearing a complete ancient set (no RRoG) to enter.
Completion “Destroys” everything you have on by “Combining” them into one Primal piece of the same set.

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21 Oct

I don’t believe we have plans to add new Set Dungeons for the new Class sets (at least, not for 2.6.7). I’ll talk to the team about this and see if there are any future facing plans beyond that.

Hey Yakoff,

We’re not planning at this moment to add any new set dungeons for the new class sets in game.

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Dev (blue) on the forum on Sunday night, I love it. :kiss: :kiss: :kiss:

This is actually a decent idea.

Another way to make set dungeons viable is an ancient set dungeon (like ancient vaults) where enemies hit harder and have more health and the objectives are harder.

Rewards might be something like a guaranteed set primal item (since doing a GR70 now is stupid easy).

I’m sure most folk won’t mind that considering set dungeons aren’t too liked by most of the community.

and are there any plans to alter the existing dungeons. this will add variety to the game. tnx

The one thing I could see us doing is rebalancing them so they’re not so…difficult. This rebalancing wouldn’t occur for one or two seasons though, if it happens at all.

Hope this helps at least a bit to answer your questions


Please, for the love of god, no more set dungeons.

Please balance the classes and builds. We do not need anything else right now except getting rid of the huge gap between damage.

Also one more thing. What are your plans after you eventually nerf Bazooka? Buff Sader or WD to the level of Bazooka? If so, dont bother nerfing Bazooka. Keep it there and get other builds equally strong. We want variety and not another over powered build. 3-4 builds capable of Bazooka’s damage is way better than getting rid of 1 Bazooka and replace it by another Bazooka-like build.


Maybe you can put a weekly reward and quest on completing the Set Dungeon for each class? Like guaranteed Primal or massive EXP bonus?

Difficulty on Set Dungeons has already been lowered and while 2 or 3 are still pretty annoying, most have become pretty easy already. Please don’t devalue the green wings for those of us who had to work hard to get them…

hey Pja,

When we mentioned that they’re difficult, that doesn’t necessarily correlate them being too hard. It could be that some set dungeons are just unmanageable with the amount of damage that players have at their disposal now. Could be a number of factors that make them “hard”.

The last thing we’d want to do is devalue an achievement from the dungeons themselves

Thanks for reaching out


That’s the best news I’ve heard about this game in…years. :slight_smile:

I think most players would be quite happy if they were simply removed from the season journey. Their difficulty, lack thereof, or enhancement thereof is not the issue. They simply are not enjoyable. They really soil the fun of doing the season journey for a great many of us. The set dungeons have their own reward as it is. Why must we tie them to another reward every season?


I asked that back in October when the new sets were first announced…

It’s not that they are difficult, it’s that they require you to use a complete set, retool your build to match the dungeon, and takes a bit of time trying to figure out what exactly is going on. (some are super easy some are very difficult) But all of this for basically no reward. It’s become a mandated part of the season journey probably because it’s the only way you’ll get people to do them in the first place. It just seems forced and nobody really has much interest in doing them anyway. Removing them altogether would probably make a lot of people happy. They aren’t fun.


One thing you can do to make these a lot more fun is to offer a default gear for each Set dungeon in say a wardrobe in the area before the SD, which gear the player could use just in the SD.

This achieves two major things:

  • Players lazy to seek sets could finish these
  • These will be balanced around the default gear

I think D4’s KDs would have similarities with D3 SDs and as such you might test some things if you decide to tune the SDs.

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You could “rebalance” them by removing them from the game.
Just like GR trials and level stones. It was an idea and it failed.
Stop forcing them on seasons.


Thanks for the clarification - yes, you’re right, not having to nerf one’s build to run a dungeon would be nice.