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“Wow Baal, another compilation thread”

Yup. If you know how to do a thing do it!
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Doing good work mate :purple_heart:


Baal, doing gods work, just saw on wowhead hunters now can even tame “undead” pets…

Like honestly it’s great for hunters, seriously it’s good, but when will warlocks get some love, I feel like sometimes they forgotten that we too are a pet class :sob:.

I pray we get some variety and customisation that they still working on in beta. Even Druids now are having choice on the form they can shapeshift in…

Seriously I can see hunters being able to tame Demons before us at this rate.


Would love for this to happen. They keep giving hunters more and more variety, it shouldn’t be too hard to implement it with Warlocks and give us a little more in the way of pet choices.


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More demons blizzard, please!


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Here’s my idea:

It could be called “Ritual of Dominance” and it’d require two people to perform. The warlock would find the demon he wants to perform the ritual on and while in a group with another person, you would approach the demon within 20yds without aggroing. With the other person standing within 5yds, the warlock casts the Ritual of Dominance and channels a 6 second cast, similar to hunter’s Tame Beast. At the end of the cast, the demon becomes your pet and the other person in your group dies as their sacrifice was required for the spell to work.

You’d have to feed them and feeding them isn’t the same as a hunter pet… no, you’d have to feed it a Demon Stone once per week, created at the Altar of Storms in the Blasted Lands, that reenergizes the bonds of your Ritual of Dominance spell.

To do this, you have to catch critters and one won’t do. You have to bring a dozen critters and place them on the Altar of Storms with 3 healthstones and 1 soulstone. Then you’d need to cast Drain Life on the critters. This will create a Demon Stone. You then place the Demon Stone on the ground and your enslaved demon will begin feeding on it. While it’s feeding, you have to recast the Ritual of Dominance spell. If you fail to feed it, at a random time during the next 24 hours, it will grow up to twice it’s size. And then for up to the next 4 days, your Demon will do 150% damage as your spell over it weakens and it seeks to break free.

If you feed it a Demon Stone and perform the ritual, you will reset him back to normal, but he’ll lose the damage buff. If you choose to keep the buff, then during those 4 days, he will randomly double in size again, turn aggro, become an elite mob with 200% health and do 250% damage, but only attackable by the warlock who enslaved him. The warlock would have to either regain control over the demon or die.

To regain control, you have to beat it down to 25% of it’s health and place a Demon Stone on the ground and perform the Ritual of Dominance while it feeds. If it kills you, he despawns and is gone forever. If you don’t have a Demon Stone on standby in your bags, you have to either kill it or it will kill you.

This could boost warlock DPS in raids and dungeons… but there’s always that chance that the demon will break free and turn on the warlock. Do you crave power and glory? Or do you prefer to play it safe and feed your demon in a timely manner every week?

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This would’ve been cool in Vanilla WoW, but hell no for 2020 WoW lmao


Keep up the good fight Baal, was nice to see one of my posts listed I’ll continue to come up with Idea’s and support.


You are a GODSEND! Seriously, how long do we have to complain about this being a thing?! After an entire EXPANSION based around demons we have a tremendous amount of potential in an “Enslave Demon”/Taming demon system.

Obviously hearing the insane amount of new pets that hunters can tame was salt in the wound. We are a “pet” class according to blizzard. Without any REAL way to sacrifice our pet and not lose dps, we should be considered a pet class. If they doubled down on the whole pet thing, why shouldn’t we have pet customization too?! Come on Blizzard. Do the right thing dammit.


Its super weird how Hunters keep getting more pets to tame, yet they took most of our demons away after legion.

Now we are stuck with the same minions we had since vanilla. Whats worse is they spread our pets out sorta with infernal now a Destruction pet. (I miss perma Infernal)

At the very least Demo should have access to more demon pets. Get rid of the felguard as our main, and give us more to play with. I mean come on…


My take is they should let warlocks buy(or quest in a perfect world) some kind of soul gem that would function like a drain soul ripping out the essence of the demon you kill, which can then be infused into your demon. Maybe via end quest that takes place in a ceremony in undercity? My mind always goes there from binding my first demons but maybe with more binding runes and npcs helping with the infusion process

Imo theyd have to split up the demons into families like how hunters have for pvp reasons.

They could do some real cool thematic stuff but I’d settle for a lazy fix with some glyphs for new models.

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You got my post in there! Bravo! Yah I do want better pets for warlocks. There are two real pet classes in the game, warlock, and hunter. Hunters are pretty much getting everything they want. I would LOVE to be able to tame a warlock pet or capture (permanent) a pet that I can save or put in a demonic stable of sorts. Maybe start with just demons? Move on to undead? The hunters are getting undead taming and aberration taming (Stinky and the other weird dog in ICC, near Rotface and Festergut). I think, as being the other pet class, that warlocks should get to capture permanent pets as well.

Now the part that I do NOT want. I do not want the pet to be as strong as a hunter pet damage wise. I will like to do a ton of damage as a warlock, but I would prefer to do the damage on my own rather than letting a pet do it for me like on hunters. With warlock pets maybe add better buffs and debuffs, and take away from the damage they do (in regards to comparing with hunter pets).

Maybe have a pet that allows party to do 5% more damage. More party type buffs and debuffs rather than single person buffs like the hunter gets.

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Totally support this. Cleaning up quests around Legion is a fun time because it’s an excuse for me to play around with some of the newer demon models added in the expansion. It’s just a shame that they don’t scale and therefore don’t have much use when enslaved. Not to mention I’d love to have my perma-infernal/doomguard back.