Warlocks are getting ripped off compared to Hunters

Yes I’m salty. All these updates saying Hunters can tame all these new creatures and I’m still stuck with the demons I had since MoP with the glyphs. The same demons from vanilla. I don’t even have Infernals or my Doomguard anymore.

You’re telling me all those demon models in Legion are just not available as options? Demonology could at least have a improved enslave demon that acts like a hunters tame.

It’s not freaking fair. We still don’t have a incubus model and Blizz talked about getting that YEARS ago.

Just cmon

Update: It is currently 5:07 am, the 6th of september. My salt levels haven’t decreased since I made this thread


On top of that we can’t use the demons we want. We have to use the VW to tank or the Fel puppy to interrupt. Meanwhile hunters have lots of different pets that can lust.


I agree, locks deserve more Demons!


Yes that too.


As a hunter, we generally all agree that daddy Blizzard favors us and ignores you. We don’t know why and we don’t know what we can do to help, but we really do wish you could get some of the love too.


You get to do uncapped damage in dungeons. I get to play Pokemon. Yay?


Selfishly, my scribes want you to suffer. Buy my glyph and get your incubus!
But scribes are also unloved, so we can wallow in our unloving situation together.


As a hunter I also play a warlock, and 100% agree with this as well as the ability to name your demons like we do pets! Why not alow it, there are so many demon models out there…it surly can’t be that hard to do?


They’re different classes. Warlocks have gotten their own special treatment over the years. Do you believe that Hunters are automatically entitled to get their own “Green Fire” style solo encounter since you want to tame anything?

Warlocks master role-specific demons. I think Warlocks could use other Glyphs or maybe have talents for special demons but this idea that Warlock, who has never had the “gotta catch em all” identity, should now suddenly start runnnig around and “taming” random Demons? No. That’s silly.


That has nothing to do with what I’m talking about


Not taming , its about access to more varity in both look and use.


You think you deserve something Hunters have simply because it exists and Hunters get it. It has everything to do with it. You’re being entitled. Hunters have their thing, Warlocks have their thing.

Let me just say my first ever character in WoW was a Warlock and not once did I think that Warlocks were supposed to “tame” any demon. I guess having come from DAOC, I understand there are differences in classes - some classes charm, some classes tame, some classes enslave. Warlock is not a “gotta check em all” class by nature. That isn’t part of the core fantasy. Hunters, SINCE VANILLA, have had a pet stable. That’s part of their identity. Warlock has NEVER had that identity. Ever.


They’re both still pet classes that have a pet focused spec. One has waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay more options while we’re still stuck with old stuff.

I just want more variety. Even if it’s just for one spec.


There is zero reason warlocks couldn’t have access to a larger variety of demons, especially demo spec. It doesn’t have to be a taming thing either.


And S Priests were never psych-ward octopuses until one dev team decided “Hey, why not?” Going back to Vanilla, they mastered shadows. Now they master grape jelly and tentacles.

Warlocks can change, too. I’m not for it or against it, it doesn’t affect anyone except the players who want more demons, so taking a hard no stance on it is a little silly.

Edit; I guess I’m for it - I encourage enjoyable and non-extra OP gameplay and if there are 'locks out there who want a permanent chaos hound, hey, let them have one.


Worst part about blueberry is that blueberry is becoming worse and worse at tanking and yet remains an absolute master of aggroing the entire zone.


Anybody remember the old warlock demon pet quests? Something like that could be done to unlock new looks for warlock demons or new demon pets.


Hunters: Oh my pet is hurt let me push this button then go back to my rotation to heal it

Warlocks: Ugh my stupid tank pet is almost dead again I either have to channel a summon or channel health drain to heal it and now my dps is going down


I would love to see some love thrown towards Warlocks since I mained one before patch 8.2 and still plan on heavily playing one in Shadowlands.

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Neat. That changes nothing.

Warlocks are Summoners. Hunters are Tamers. They’re different fantasies. Taming/charming classes get to tame or charm things out in the world. That’s what they do. Summoners summon from a preset list of summons. That’s what they do.

DAOC Cabs, Bone Dancers, Necros, and so-forth had pet specs and they didn’t change from a Summoner into a Tamer. Summoning classes are summoning classes, and taming classes are taming classes. It’s that simple.

Summoners =/= tamers. That’s it.