Let demo warlocks tame demons

Surely this is a viable option, and would add so much more diversity to the class.


I don’t know if it was a bug or not, but someone in the Warlock forums that is in alpha as well reported that they could access the stable master interface…

Lmao custom names too while you at it. “Fhatazz” ain’t cutting it.


I wanna tame Brutallus.

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All locks should be able to enslave different demon models and just have their damage and abilities normalized.


Just needs to be based off the current BM template with minor adjustments

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Sounds too Xelnath. Better randomly nerf warlocks again instead.

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They need to let pets be a bit bigger though, for both hunters and warlocks. I can’t even tame a lava spider on my hunter without it being turned into a miniature. :frowning:

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This would be so cool.

Oh and while we’re add it, Blizzard could you PLEASE replace the ugly, old-as-hell Arcanite Reaper on the Fel Guard with the Face of Ruin? It matches their armor perfectly, it’s updated and it comes from a demon invasion.


How about… warlock weapon transmog options :smiley:

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Yes. This would be better but I still think the default weapon should be replaced.

I remember the short less than a week, I could rename my Water Elemental.

Warlock pets are in a rather sorry state. Well, other than randomly summoning Prince Malchezaar.

This and a baseline interrupt would be nice

Why should hunters get all the fun?


Utilize a minion transmog system.

Oh and I want to use the model for Asara, Mother of Night(from the Coven of Shivarra encounter) in place of my felguard.

Whoa there, don’t ask for too much all at once.

Would be cool but it kind of flies in the face of the lore I think?

You can tame a beast, and while in real life it takes a long time, taming a beast of varying intelligence vs taming a preternatural being of cunning and hatred. I always thought the bit with warlock minions was coming into a pact after a show of force and willpower (warlocks in DnD are charisma based, right?) - so your minions, all those imps, come to your aid because they know you could crush them.

I dunno. Of course, the fact that you get your minions now with a simple ding doesn’t support this idea at all.

Warlocks in wow have little to do with the dnd variety.

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They were planned to be Intelligence casters actually

Yes plz.

I need my Eredar twins!