Taming permanent undead or demon pet?

Was just wondering about this, and I am sure it’s been mentioned before, but I have a hunter and LOVE having different pets. I have a max level warlock too. What do you all think about being able to “tame” an undead creature for warlocks? Like only undead or only demons (not both) Also we do get our normal pet as well. The tamed undead pet would not do terrible damage, but it would be worth having. Not to mention on my hunter collecting different skins is an awesome part of the game.

Just curious though. Played Diablo last night and my witch Doctor has a ton of tamed creatures, so I thought about the warlock maybe getting to tame undead.

I know we kind of have a spell like that in enslave demon but I never use it because it’s temporary (do we still have this talent?) and when the demon is done being enslaved it still attacks us. With hunter pets they just go away if you abandon them.


Undead pets are for DKs. As for having permanent custom demons, it seems cool, but demonology already gets to use so many demons, even Prince Malch from Kara. I actually like that it’s a rare spawn rather than permanent; whenever you get a rare demon, it’s AWESOME.

Overall, they did a great job with having so many different types of demons spawn as a demo lock.

I am pretty optimistic about the amount of recent posts for minion customization.

Personally I would go beyond just demons so we can tap into more “class” fantasies. I don’t think it would be too difficult for Blizz to curate a list of demons, abberations and demons available to summon.

Undead would have to be handled with care to not step on Death Knight toes, but it could give us the necromancer class fantasy many people want.

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I am the OP. I have a hunter and I also main my warlock. It’s a lot of fun finding pets for my hunter, so I hope what you say will happen. Maybe a little customization, or at least letting us tame demons to keep as forever pets. That would be pretty sweet.