Hunters can now tame dragons and undead. Again, warlocks, the other pet class get...?

Beings that the only basic demon I really like is the felhunter, I’m all for more customization. I don’t think it can happen like with hunters though, our demons are way more specific than their pets. If I could have four cool alien demons though, I don’t care how it happens tbh.

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It would be awesome if they could add some flavor to Warlock pets. But tbf hunters have always had hundreds more pet options then warlocks, prob over a thousand now.

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I play a Hunter Warlock and Death Knight and once again I am frustrated at HOW both Locks and DK are Ignored again by the Developers. The chance to have some really nice dead skeletons lichs and others are just openly Ignored and the fact all these demons are around and the developers stick their collective heads in the nearest hole and go I don’t see new demons is now annoying.

How long you going to keep ignoring other pet classes will it take more people leaving before you decide to do anything?

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Yeah, it’s pretty messed up that hunters can tame undead now and DK’s can’t. I mean, really? Who between the two should have more undead minion options, really?


Frost DK should have a full time Lich Minion not some fat bloated abomination or stupid skeletons that look so cartoon now, when we know they could add way better minion.


Shamelessly posting both the compilation thread of other threads and my own EXTREMELY elaborate thread on the matter with quote tweets of the table of demons and aberrations with suggested slots:


we need to make the Developers take more Notice of this thread


or just more notice of warlocks.

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were still blacklisted by ION cause he couldn’t remove the Green Fire Quest like he did everything else handed to us.

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Lol WoW players are literal Karens.

“UH but what do I GET MOM?!”

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Technically, warlocks are NOT the other pet class now.

Windwalker monks for example will have up to THREE different active pets / minions in Shadowlands.

happy hunter noises

but yer, give locks some love aswell


We wish they would but He who shall not be named is the reason why they do not.

This hunter is in support. I’m not familiar with the goings on of warlocks, but it does seem odd you have such a lack of diversity compared to hunters. I hope they make a change.

You know I never do this, but…

/punts Aneris out of the thread


Idk if you were around back then but during Cata he specifically made an anti-Green-Fire comment lmao

That is not what the Karen metaphor means beloved.

The Karen meme refers specifically to white people, white women usually, who decide they have a problem with nonwhite people having fun and decide to call the cops because they feel personally transgressed and/or when such a white person feels they are entitled to more than what a service provides (restaurants, stores, etc) and thus contacts a superior management position in order to prove themselves right.

Warlocks asking on a forum for more demon diversity when we all know it’s up to the collective will of the devs is not Karen-ing.


More demons for warlocks would be very welcome but Im sorry warlocks are not a pet class.

But not quite as weird as a hunter taming a sentient being that is effectively an incredibly intelligent life form?

This kinda of logic was thrown into the garbage bin the moment gnomes were able to be hunters and “tame” robots.

Reprogramming a robot =/= taming a dragon.

Oh I was around for his dirt bag comment. the sheer fact we use to have minions with voice lines and really nice ablities that were taken away for DH and fire Mage really left the class soulless and lack of creativity and customization.

These threads appear all the time and the fact the same people come in and try to derail it is why it needs to be pushed more than it is. At this rate with Locks the 2 second lowest class played we might make it to number one, then none.