How Warlock Demons Should Work

You got five Demon slots.

  • One for small Demons that shoot fireballs (like Imps);
  • One for sturdy tank Demons (like Voidwalkers);
  • One for alluring Demons (like Succubi);
  • One for magic eating Demons (like Felhunters);
  • One for Demonic Musclemen (like Felguards);

And a “Demon Summoning” Class Profession (Like DK Runeforging).

You collect the Recipe for a specific Demon out in the world, gather the ingredients, draw the Summoning Circle in a specific place (Dreadscar Rift, maybe?), call forth their name, then you beat the Demon in single combat.

Once the Demon is beaten, a contract is established and they become your minion.

Each specific Demon is bound to a specific slot. For instance, Imps, Gan’arg and Wyrmtongues would all belong to the “Imp family”.

Trivia: Before Cataclysm erased all Class Quests, the Questlines to obtain each Warlock Demon worked roughly the same way as this, as far as fantasy goes. You would obtain the items necessary, go to a Summoning Circle, Summon and fight a Demon. Beating the Demon and completing the quest awarded you the new spell.


My warlock fully support this idea.:smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


I say again sir!



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Gan’arg dude… man, the BC nostalgia kicking in.

Like, I respect that the newer artists working on Legion wanted to make their stamp on the game and wanted to do something different from the guys who made BC (who, to be fair, also put their own unique spin on the Legion from Warcraft 3), but I loved the BC version of the Legion. Gan’arg / Mo’arg, with all their crazy technology/cybernectics. They’ve been at war for hundreds of thousands of years and so it made sense that some of them spent that time developing technology and cybernectics to improve their killing capacity. Personally the Inquistors/Jailers just didn’t resonate with me. The Imp Mothers were a neat addition as well as the “Brood Mother” demons (demon spiders are pretty gnarly) though.

Completely off-topic, but just wanted to say something about that.


At least link my original post in the OP if you’re gonna copy cat my idea bro :stuck_out_tongue:

Ironically this is how it worked in Vanilla.


I didn’t read your post bro.

I made this thread based on other threads I’ve made in the distant past.

Like this:


I’d like to see them add in void creatures too if they did this. Faceless ones, aqir serpents, fleshbeasts, void revenants, eyes of corruption, etc.

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They could do a lot of very cool things with this

At the very least there should be a item purchasable from warlock vendors that “captures the essence” of fellow demons kinda like what bm hunters got for hati.

Demons are capable of shapeshifting and super into consuming things for power so its not really far off. Just have to sort available demons into categories(voidwalker, succubus, etc)

Neat concept but the problem is Blizzard doesn’t know anything but going too far. They would make it to where you would need a 40 man raid to tame that demon for you.


All of this. Also, bring back green fire. Thanks.

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We all know someone at Blizzard plays BM and asks dev teams to keep putting in more pets, while Warlocks have had the same pets for 14+ years while also removing glyphs, grimoire of supremacy etc.

Problem is you wanna be hunters…which you aren’t. Every class needs to be “unique” and making you hunters 2.0 is just lame because then unholy dks should also get this system with melee, ranged, and magic undead minion selections.

No, I don’t.

I wanna be a Warlock and summon any Demon I want.

The method I described was based on the Vanilla / TBC / Wrath way Warlocks would get their Demons.

Hunters go out and tame animals.

Warlocks collect objects of power, summon and defeat Demons to create a contract.


But how is that any different then hunter? having a selection of pets is a hunter specialty. Your not a hunter, you summon demons from the nether to forcefully serve you.

Fixed that for you. :slight_smile:


The method of obtaining the pet is different. One is a demon summoning ritual at a specific location followed by 1vs1 combat, the other is channeling some weird love beam at the target out in the world.

The gameplay is different. Hunters have 5 blank slots to choose whatever pets from whatever family they want. Warlocks have 5 fixed slots, one for each “Demon Class”.

Even the aesthetics are different, as Hunters call animals while Warlocks summon stuff like little gray dudes, big musclemen with weapons and winged voluptuous women.

It wasn’t always this way. Originally, Hunters could not level their pets up, and they had whatever stats and abilities their wild version had (there were no pet families). So Hunters had to tame the biggest baddest pet available and stick with it.

The only selection they could make was select between being optimal or being bad lol

That changed over time. The Hunter pet system was improved over time, while the Warlock minion system stayed basically the same. Maybe it’s time to improve the Warlock minion system.

Nothing about this description is at odds with my suggestion.


Entirely agreed!

Boys, no fighting. Ive thought up this type of system too. Wanted to post it a month ago but lost interest cause i lost my t3 and wanted to add shiny pics.

My version also included beating the elite classed demons 4 times before they subject.

Main thing is, we warlocks should srick together!

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