Warlocks, the other pet class. Remember?

Look, I know taming beasts and having hundreds of them in your stable is a hunter thing and I wouldn’t want to encroach too far on hunter uniqueness, but at this point, I mean, c’mon.

Hunters just got 100+ more stable slots in Shadowlands. Warlocks, the other pet class at launch, still the same old demons. Yeah, there’s a few glyphs, yeah we can farm an armored succubus, but it’s way past time we were thrown a bone pet-wise.

Not saying we should have stables full of demons, but maybe an option to change the appearance of our demons. Like, ok, hunters get to go out and tame tons of beasts but maybe warlocks can unlock some new demon skins. Or maybe we can have a barber shop-y deal where we can change our demon colors, maybe alter the armor of our humanoid demons.

Not letting us change up our demons because that would step on hunter territory is like-- you remember back in Classic, Blizz, when your made us push a button every time we shot our wand because you said having them auto-shoot would take away from hunter uniqueness? Yeah, it’s a lot like that. You could give us ten options for each of our demons and it would still be a drop in the ocean compared to hunter pet options.

And while I’m here, how does it made any sense to have demonology, the spec all about demons, be locked into using just one demon? A demo lock shouldn’t be more or less stuck using the felguard. Something like the Demonic Strength or Soul Strike talents should have an effect for all demons. A demo lock should be more flexible about what demon to use, not less.

Anyway, this has been my TED Talk.

8/10 Edit to add that since I posted this hunters have also been given the ability to tame tons more pets, including cloud serpents and undead beasts. Warlocks have gotten . . . /crickets


Yeah, I’m not a fan of them missing the mark on Warlock pet options repeatedly like this. They’ve had so many chances to add a more diverse cast of demons, not only as enemies but also pets for us. Legion added a handful of new models but most of them didn’t seem suitable for Warlock pets…and that’s a shame because it would have been a great time to do it. The last real shake-up was when they added talents for “greater” versions of what we already had back in MoP, which have now been reduced to glyphs. Also, our once reliable solo tank of a Voidwalker has become a shell of its former self. Not sure if it’s been tweaked since they made the pet changes but for quite some time there he just wasn’t holding agro the same.


Yeah, ol’ voidy wasn’t holding aggro like he used to and and he also, ironically, started aggroing the entire zone.


TLDR: I agree with mostt of what I read also bring back doomguard


Since we have a pants wearing succubus model, all demons should have pants wearing variants.

Except the Felguard. They wear pants by default so they get a shirt instead.

Demons wearing clothes. Just imagine the possibilities.


I’ve been asking for this for ages



To all of us.

Warlocks are not hunters, if they did this change, your asking for a warlock class with hunter pet system which would make them VERY unoriginal and a copy of hunter who shoots bolts of magic instead of arrows/melee weapon.

The original succubus in WC1 had nothing on(very blurry sprite tho), they did pants for a teenage rating and not be known as a game with nudity.

More options is a good thing, so I agree. Give Demon Hunters warlock pets and let them customize them.


Just bring back all the old Grim Sup demons (including wrathguard, shivara, doomguard, infernal etc) and just make them baseline and give demo a talent option to have either 2 demons out or a pitlord (or selection of stronger demons) on the same row

With the Burning Legion in complete disarray you think more demons would go freelance in search of new opportunities for destruction.


Right? lol

That’s not even considering all the demons who joined out of fear, but no longer have a Sargeras to keep them in line.


Reading comprehension is hard. :frowning:


Yeah even if they did a similar thing for Warlocks like they did for druids with a bit of customization it would be great, I feel bad for Warlocks. They’ve had pleenty of time to add a bit more variety to the demons, demon selection or customization.

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Oof. Speaking of lock pet issues. I just got Orb of the Fel Temptress for some variety and good lord, why is our succubus so tiny, Blizz? I almost never summon mine so I didn’t realized they’re so small now. And this is coming from a vulpera.

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I think I saw a warlock once. He summoned me then the raid leader kicked him. Weird.

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This sounds like an excellent idea. Warlocks could “hunt down” new skins by completing warlock-specific quests or challenges. They could be stored in a collections tab kind of like transmogs.


At this point I don’t mind stepping on hunter toes a little bit. Warlocks should be able to “tame” demons to suit their preferences.


I’ll say it. Warlocks should have stables full of demons. You should be able to as a warlock go out and enslave demons of different types then switch them out at stables and what not.