Warlocks of Azeroth! Hear me!

My dear fellow Warlock,
Let us once more call out to the gods of this finite world so they maybe one more hear out pleas.
We call out for a glyph or some silly quest… Cause we warlock always seem to have to work for out cool and special stuff…
We ask once more!
Please call out to the great ones to hear this plea

Oh great ones beyond our reach!
PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE ! Give us some way to have a Incubus as a warlock pet to be the counterpart to the Succubus.

You oh great ones, have made strides for diversity and inclusion. As we all know the Succubus is a demon of sex. Well it is far beyond the time that the Incubus be added in some form or manner. We the Gay Bi and and female warlocks of Azeroth wish to have a male version of the demon.
So please hear us this time.

Headmaster Zephrite.


They would be a weird pet

h t tps://images.app.goo.gl/8R6FQHZwqnicnVhE8

Point of interest : https://wowwiki.fandom.com/wiki/Incubus

There is this long standing promise for opposite genders counter part of warlock minions.

Sadly, such a thing have been forgotten by the cruelty of times.

Here is how a Female voidwalker could have looked.
Cute right?


Demon stables nao


I think this could be cool too.

One of my classic Warlock alts has a female Voidwalker named Jhazmon and she didn’t come with a bow.

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Demon stables please Blizz

To think they actually did it. Our ple was heard !

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