August 11 Beta Build 35522


  • Rain of Fire Rank 2 was nerfed by 66%, from 30% buff to 10% buff
  • Roaring Blaze emphasized to be Fire Spells Only
  • Shadowburn tooltip edited to be more clear, from “low health” to “20% or less health”

In other news:

In GD, some warlocks are pushing for most demon customization! Rosenivy’s thread is the most replied to but mine is the most fleshed out, please bump both

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RIP fire build xD


F in the replies to play respect

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Hmmm minimal tuning compared to most of the other classes. Potential sign of further warlock changes in the pipeline? Would think tuning would occur only once class design is as finished as possible

Nah major changes are a wrap imo

I think they’re waiting to see for more testing to be done because they don’t want to overtune and nerf us into oblivion

go bump the demon threads!

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Still hoping for them to revert the UA limit, but not the end of the world if it goes live as-is. If nothing else, I think the job they did with Shadow is a great sign for DoT spec class design in the future(…hopefully other than only when the community leaves the devs no choice haha)

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dont worry, they want shadow priest be OP again in SL, lets nerf warlocks like usual!

It’s deeper than a tuning issue. Both specs have struggled w/ poor design for a long time for similar reasons, but perhaps this could be a turning point in the right direction

They hit Shadow Priests hard with their self healing… they might hit like a truck but as on Beta their self healing is really Shadowmend+Flash Heal, DP and VT now no longer self heal… but on Warlocks it sucks the fire build is gone :cry:

Fun was detected and they could not allow that. Here’s hoping that they update us on the state of warlocks and push some changes the community will accept.

Hunter revive pet is now four seconds, warlock pets not changed

I doubt major changes are a wrap since shamans got some. Demo still needs help. An entire expansion of Nether Portal working the way it does is insane. Limiting talents to the FG is stupid when we don’t have a proper interrupt (axe toss is still crap). Inner demons and sacrificed souls need to just be baseline and replaced.


Oh I agree, I just really think what we got is what we’re getting. I’m still pushing and compiling as I’ve done, but save for something everyone mass reports as broken now that the changes are on the PTR, just don’t see it


Wait…so we’re not getting meta back?



Im hoping demo talents are so late because “in addition to helping demo, what better time than to introduce dressable demons!”

no? ok maybe demon stables.


I’m still holding onto the last major blue post on the warlock beta forums which said “more changes still to come” back when the axe toss change was made.

There’s still hope!!! They’ve been pretty amazing about listening to feedback and communication this alpha/beta phase so I still have some confidence we will get something pretty meaningful.


Yeah, i don’t mind the one UA per target thing but we should be able to have multiple UA’s active on different targets.


One hell of an understatement. It needs o be looked into not only from a number tuning perspective, but also mechanical.


I agree, I’m just not really good with the specifics. Like I personally don’t know HOW to fix it and change it, I just know it needs a lot of help/work.

Decimating bolt + Drain soul with buffs is looking nuts still.

Affi lookin good