Customisations on demon pets?

Loving everything warlocks gotten so far, but with all the hunters getting 100s of pet choices and more and more coming, can warlocks do the same?, let us choose some options or versions of different pets we can summon outside of glyphs… We have so many Demons in the game let us pick and choose which to use… they can have the same abilities as the staple demons we have just be visually different!!


Once Shadowlands launches I’m starting a campaign for Demon Stables like we used to have for Green Fire back in the day.

Y’all don’t remember how much people would campaign for Green Fire before we got it. Everyone said it’s a waste of our time, we’ll never get it, that there’s “more important” things to worry about.

Except now almost everyone has green fire!


I have made a plea to the great ones beyond our reach too…
It is time they gave us an Incubus .
That is just fact.


I shall join you on your campaign to make Warlocks great :grin:

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Didn’t they say years ago we would be getting male versions of the succubus I’m sure of it!


At one time they did such a thing.
They never did …
Alas It is a sad day for Gay Bi ect and female warlocks who wish for a male demonic companion of a pretty nature.


I’m just all for more customisation, hunters are getting 100s of choices, while we are stuck with the same 4, 5 if Demonology, theirs so many demons we could use… honestly when was the last time we used enslave demon… we need customisations for our demons…


To the Dear Pepino,

I would love that ! Hoever I would like it if they added some nice looking male demons. Or allowed us to tame some fel fallen Demon Hunter :wink:
To server under our command.
Oh the fun warlocks could have.
Do we ever have enslave demon anymore ??

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Hunters just got another round of tameables including dragon. Druid get shifted forms. Tons of racial customizations. I would say there’s no way we aren’t getting it this expensive, but the two DEMON expansions didn’t give it to us…


we got green fire with pandas! there’s hope!

Not enough Hunters were being given a millon more stable slots, now they even got new pet families and can even tame cloud serpents!

I hate to look at the greener grass over the fence, but stuff doesn’t look good on the limitations of the Lock side. C’mon Hunters aren’t the only pet class in this game.

Is it at the point where Hunters have more demon pets than Warlocks yet?

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Demon Hunters can summon a demon and fight it with that new Venthyr Covenant ability. One of the demons is a Pit Lord.

So, not only hunters have that gigantic stable but now Demon Hunters are able to summon even bigger creatures than Warlocks.

It’s all a complete joke at this point.


Please give us demon stables!


Morning all, remember to bumpity bump


I’d be willing to sacrifice the Spriest changes to get stables.

Jk but still, moar demons


Agreed. Demon “stables” would be an amazing addition to the warlock class. Enslave demon can become the “tame” spell and just categorize wild demons into imp/felhunter/succubus/voidwalker/felguard categories. Keep the spells the same. We all want customization!!