Warlock stables when?

With the sheer amount of demon options in WoW, I find it odd that warlocks don’t actually have the ability to stable any like hunters. It would be really nice if we could use more than our five demon toolkit with any number of feasible options. I love my blueberry but it would be refreshing to have other demon tank pets at my disposal, you know? Why not command an infernal instead, or an Imp mother, maybe a Jailor?

There’s a good list of options! I am aware some are elite demons and races but it would still be really cool… I doubt these are all the demons of WoW but it’s a quick list. If you guys could have more options to choose from what would you want as alternate options? Also, with the list below, there are multiple reskins and color options for many and a few subcategories.

If hunters can tame raid bosses… why can’t warlocks control some too? :smiley:

  1. Abyssal
  2. Demonic Hounds
  3. Dreadsteed
  4. Doomguards
  5. Doomlords
  6. Fiends
  7. Floating Eye
  8. Imps of various type
  9. Infernals
  10. Pit Lords
  11. Mo’arg
  12. Gan’arg
  13. Felguards
  14. Nethrezim
  15. Succubus
  16. Shivarra
  17. Voidwalkers
  18. Void Terrors
  19. Darkhounds
  20. Fel Stalkers
  21. Helboar
  22. Warp Stalkers
  23. Satyr
  24. Wrathguards
  25. Man’ari
  26. Fel Orcs
  27. Felblood Elfs
  28. Lost Ones
  29. Broken
  30. Jailors
  31. Felbats
  32. Imp Mother
  33. Inquisitors

We already have a pocket dimension where we can store them (legion class hall). We ought to be able to summon whatever we like.