Retroactive Dibs Only Work If You're a Demon Hunter

So, back in Warcraft 1 Warlocks could summon spiders.

Then Legion added Demon Spiders.

And Hunters couldn’t tame them.

And so I dared to hope that one day Warlocks would be able to summon spiders like the WC1 Warlocks. Maybe as a Glyph to replace Imps or the Felhunter.

And that was my mistake. Hope. As a Warlock.

Hunters can tame Demon Spiders in Shadowlands.

Good for them, I guess. :frowning:


That bunk.

But you had me thinking this was a **Demon Hunter ** thread.


As a WarCraft II-era Death Knight fan who has been patiently waiting for a red eye option, I feel your pain.




Glad we could add another post on this same subject to the front page. This new and unique insight deserved its own spotlight.

Oh hush, warlocks are right to be fed up at this point.


I get pretty fed up of not being another class too. Time to start making threads asking for stuff I don’t have because there are some vague similarities between my class and another one.

As I said before. Getting demon options doesn’t make me a hunter. You just refuse to listen


“Getting x perk doesn’t make me x class”… I agree! I’d like death grip and double jump now, TY.

That’s not even close to what we’re asking for. We just want skins for our demons. How are you not getting it?


Hunters do not own a monopoly on the entire fantasy of using pets. We get so many quality of life upgrades for other classes throughout the game’s lifespan, but warlocks have consistently had things taken away from them as opposed to getting new and exciting features. Pushing back on a request for the class that uses demons to actually be able to tame new demons (or at least gain new models for their existing demons) is rather absurd.


Warlock, no warlock… Glyphs need more presence and diversity across the board.

After the system was gutted, disemboweled, ground into paste, then stuffed into a bag vaguely resembling its original form, Inscription has never recovered.

Granted all professions need a full on renaissance, but that just means each one needs an in depth review and bolstering, not that it’s invalid to talk about any single one.


Rose, remember your heart. Don’t let the troll get to you.

Hunters can now control the dead AND tame demons? How does this even make sense?


You’re the one that isn’t getting it. It has never, and will never end there. You can make whatever claims you’d like in this regard, but 15+ years of this game makes you demonstrably wrong.

I’m just tired.

Warcraft 1 has been retconned into oblivion and having a spider feels too Hunterish at this point.

Though Warlocks definitely should get some updates on their demons.

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Just five tje warlocs more demons, now that femonology could get away with many interesting concept, let them have s fel lord instead of a fel guard.

Let them have an a sargeri istead of the soccubi.
That would break the game, it didnt do it with hunters

“They aren’t for what I want, therefore troll”. Fine, I’m a troll for not wanting to give another class one of the defining characteristics of another class.

You’re a troll because your tone comes across as abrasive.

Warlocks are a pet class. Demo summons more pets/minions than any hunter does.

End of.