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[H] DPS DK LF Semi-Hardcore CE Guild For Shadowlands
3/12M LF mythic prog/CE in SL
479 CE Havoc DH - 3K io - Looking for new guild
Warlock/Mage Player LF Home for SL
DH/Lock LF SL Home
Cutting edge healer LF guild for shadowlands
Warlock/Druid LF Home for SL
476 6/12m mage LF Mythic guild
Returning Raider looking for CE / Mythic Guild for SL
Returning raider looking for CE raiding guild in SL
127 warrior LF active guild
Former 90+ Parse Enh 11/12M Main LF Mythic SL
Former experienced raider looking to raid again in SL
(A) Returning Raider lf SL Guild
3/12M LF Mythic Prog/CE in SL
Plz delete this post
Looking for a New Raiding Home
LF CE/Mythic/Home for SL
Disc Priest/Mage LF New Home for SL
CE Focused Shadow Priest LF A Guild
Please delete
[H] Rogue LF serious raiding guild
12/12M CE Holy Paladin/Disc Priest LF CE Guild for SL
Melee Main LF Mythic Guild Horde ONLY
Returning raider looking for guild for SL
Ranged DPS LF SL Home
Lf raiding guild
Shadow Priest/VDH alt, 4k io and CE exp. LF CE guild for SL
LF guild 10/12m exp rogue DPS
LF guild CE SL
Returning rogue lf ce guild
3 players LF Area 52 SL Raid team
HPAL 187 LF CE Mythic Raid Guild Anydays Mon-Sun
LF 9pm-12am EST Mythic raiding guild
12/12M Frost Mage looking for Mythic Group
Delete this
[H] LF Semi-Hardcore CE oriented Guild
11/12M Raider LF Mythic Raiding/CE Guild
Returning rogue lf ce guild
[A][H] 2x cutting edge player (flexible) LF raiding guild to call home for shadowlands
LF a late night raiding guild!
186 pumper Mage LF Mythic Raiding and beyond!
LF New Guild for Shadowlands
Frost Mage LF Competitive Raiding Guild
Unholy Dk and Aff lock Looking for CE Raiding Guild

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Bumping, looking for more DPS still.

Come be our ranged dps friend <3

Still on the lookout for good dps!

Still looking for dps!

We’re still looking to recruit a few more DPS, especially ranged.

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Looking for a Rsham/Rdruid or MW Monk, as well as a Boomchicken, Sub Rogue, and Warlock still!

Forever in need of dps and heals!

Need a few more DPS!

need more heals!!

Healers and dps, inquire within!

Always looking for more!

Need one more healer!