Pandamonium clarification

ever since this was first datamined Ive been eagerly awaiting more details, but the announcement just a few minutes ago left me with a lot of questions,

The most important question that sets the tone of this entire event:
Can we use our Main characters?
This was a problem with plunderstorm that many of us are highly attached to our main characters and have little to no interest in alts at all, which kinda ruined the event for us,
With this event this is an even more crucial aspect as it sounds like there will be opportunities to collect things in this event that are available no where else, which is going to cause huge problems for collectors if we can’t use our mains?

Slightly less crucial questions,
-Will original Vale of eternal be available to play?
-Will the legendary cloak quest chain be enabled?


Also, will the Siege of Orgrimmar Bind on Account items be available again"?


Will there be access for players to obtain the Ashen Phoenix / Kor’Kron War Wolf mounts?


Does the event only include Races that were around during Mists of Pandaria or does it include the rest of what has been added over the years, including Dracthyr?


Will the scenario daily / weekly the gives the greater cache of treasures from Lorewalker Cho and the Heroic Deeds quest (which is a once per character, per account) be available (the rewards) multiple times per day, per character, per weekly lockout?

Some of us have to reuse class trials to access these particular attempts at transmog.


You will create new Remix characters (Timerunners) for this event on whichever realms you choose. So that can be the realm on which you mainly play, and it can be realms where you have some alts, and it can be a realm that’s completely new to you.

When you select a Timerunner and hit ‘Enter World’, you’ll enter the Remix world and play there starting at level 10. After the event ends, your Timerunners will be converted into standard characters and you’ll have them available to you in the character selection screen alongside your other characters.

When you’re in Pandaria on a Timerunner, areas that changed during original Mists of Pandaria or later (such as the Vale of Eternal Blossoms) will look like they do in Chromie Time. So the Vale won’t have its original look, nor will it have its Visions of N’Zoth look/content.

The original legendary cloak questline will not be available. You’ll want to reach level 70 on a Timerunner and receive the legendary cloak appearances on your Cloak of Infinite Potential to enable access to Ordos for this event as well as the rest of your WoW account.

Items that were only available during the original release of Mists of Pandaria will not be available in this event. This includes the Kor’kron War Wolf, challenge mode sets, and heirlooms. On the other hand, Rare drops that are available in Dragonflight today, such as the Son of Galleon or the Astral Cloud Serpent, will drop in Remix and can be purchased by Remix characters using the Bronze currency.

This event includes all of the races and classes that are available in Dragonflight. Keep in mind that there is a one-Evoker-per-realm limit in Dragonflight that some players will want to plan around.

We aren’t planning to make changes to content that is available to Dragonflight characters today.

What will be completely different for Timerunners is Remix-specific loot. With some exceptions, every source of loot will drop everything that can be obtained in Remix, and the harder-to-kill enemies will have a higher chance to drop better loot. The exceptions will mostly be zone-based appearances. For example, Remix loot that drops in Throne of Thunder will have the look of ToT raid gear, and outdoor world loot will not.


Access to Ordos being blocked based on a removed questline was always weird, good call to give people a way to earn it again (even if it’s a limited time method again).

Very good.


Thank you SO much for your answers Kaivax! Really hope this a sign of things to come communication wise :smiley:

I have a couple of questions that I’d love to know! Am very much looking forward to deep diving into this all on PTR over the weekend.

Will these characters be able to join retail guilds? Or will there need to be new guilds created specifically for the time running characters. (seen this answered already thank you! they will be able to)

Will raid scaling work as in current WoW? So flex mode for normal/heroic? And will there then be a mythic difficulty after heroic at max level.

As someone who has done the challenge modes and has all of the SoO heirloom weapons and limited time event rewards I’m a bit disappointed that we won’t be able to run challenge modes and things again, but really looking forward to giving the rest of it a chance.

-edit- Just to rehash a bit more on the cmode sets and things. I think Blizzard put too much weight on these “exclusive” items and collectibles that are kind of kept as a “i was here back in this day” collectible. Challenge modes were fun, they were a challenge but not too difficult. Sure they’d be completely different balancewise and difficultywise with the current class interations but that shouldn’t matter. It’s FUN. bring back FUN! Can you imagine the increased amount of players that would come back for this if they were available?

Just have them active, give us normalised gear without the extra timerunning gem effects. etc, and let us have some fun and earn some nice cosmetics and things!


Will guilds/groups be cross-faction? Or are there limitations?

Will there be any increase in rep gains due to the length of the event or are reps treated as “irrelevant” content?


firstly, thank you for answering out questions! its great to have some communication like this :slight_smile:

the answers, are kind odd to be honest, the Realm thing is good to know, but its very sad that we cant use our mains for this event :frowning:

Suggested Changes to make this event more desirable to attend:
-Unlocking the infinite cloak legendary appearance should unlock the legendary questchain for your WoW account, not just ordos, We really want to be able to do this questchain! :slight_smile: you could disable the legacy achievements to keep those “special” but let us play the story! :slight_smile:
-Open the MoP version of the brawlers guild for all of WoW during this event, something to do for people who arent wanting to make new characters
-Active event spell for non timerunners similar to timewalking + rep and XP gained in MoP areas


Thanks, that clarifies a lot of questions about how this is going to work mechanically.


I agree with Tradu in bringing back some CMs maybe by way of Scenario queueing etc. Perhaps recolors for old CM sets could be on the table as alternative for those that wish for the OG to stay exclusive.


I’m assuming there will be a feedback thread for the upcoming ptr testing but I’ll just say my initial thoughts: this is really good.

I think a common feedback was that there are a lot of assets from previous expansions that are not obtainable and this event seems like a fun way to obtain those and newer colors. As a player that loves to collect I am looking forward to this event. Making it an accelerated leveling path also provides a tangible benefit for non-collectors.

Agreed with the above feedback I think a recolor of the cmode gear would be good to add maybe as a reward for doing the raids on heroic difficulty.

From what I understand this event is for fresh characters that start at 10. Would there be a possibility of having other characters be converted to this MoP remix to level? Personally I have a lot of characters at 50s & 60s.


Replying to request [Elixir of Tongues] or a similar system change be available for this game mode. Thank you.


Sad to see, the heirlooms being excluded as reward. Was really looking forward to them as I own plenty of the mounts from MoP, but I’m still missing some of the heirlooms. For CM Sets i totally get why they are locked away, but gatekeeping an already second time introduced TMog Option from Classic in form of the Heirlooms is kinda a double edge sword in comparison to other reasons.


I’m mostly excited with all the new mounts, appearances, and toys. I can see the lack of additional character slots or faction based cosmetics (mana bomb is horde only I believe) & restrictions possibly being annoying. Am 70 capped so likely have to delete my rogue (or play a connected account).

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