Dracthyr and MoP remix

I forgot there was the restriction on Dracthyr. I hope Blizzard will give Dracthyr the same treatment that they did with DKs.

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Have they? Where?

The only question would be how Wing Buffett and Tail Swipe will be changed to interact with any new Dracthyr or Evoker combinations, since those are technically considered to be Dracthyr racial abilities even though there are talents in the Evoker class tree that can modify them.

My guess is that they’d keep their 2min cooldowns on any non-evoker. It did always seem weird that racial abilities have nodes in the evoker talent tree, though.

Or they’ll replace those talents and rebalance the racials.

that would be ideal, yeah.

What have you seen!!
I’m not gonna change mine but what have you seen!


A previous image apparently showed Kalec hanging out with Emberthal with this new dialogue.

Plz dont be lying.

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I’m so jealous of the dragon eye texture. I’d give anything :sob:

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Link please?

Before you get your hopes too high it is very preliminary and shaky datamining.

But there does appear to be something new happening involving both visage celebrations and dracthyr.


A guy in another thread figured out how to make this happen.

Your character just morphs into a dracthry form for combat.

I don’t know why they can’t at least become a warrior, hunter, mage, warlock or monk.

Yes, I know it would start people crying for more because people are never satisfied but I think those would be both the easiest to implement and the ones that would make the most sense on a superficial level.

Personally, I don’t consider the present free-for-all modern; more of a desperate attempt to retain alt-aholics and pacify overindulged young people.

I also think Blizzard’s choices involved the Dracthyr were one miss-step after another, with the transmog issue being the biggest, followed closely by the decision to only have one androgynous model.

I’m sure they will. They seem incapable of saying no and sticking to it these days.

That actually sounds like a good possibility. Can tell you’ve at least put more thought into it than I did… lol

I believe everyone starts at level 10 and we immediately go to the Timeless Isle.

Including Evokers.

call me crazy, but i’m looking forward to being able to level an evoker from 10. I tend to enjoy leveling alts from scratch.

I wonder if heirlooms will be worth using (or even available), or if the supposed diablo-loot-pinata method of gear acquisition will make them pointless

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I want to be able to make another Evoker on my main server. :sob:

It was initially posted on twitter now its on the community council forums.

With warbands incoming servers become less meaningful. The “one-per-server” restrictions on classes always felt pretty meaningless. Moreso now. No reason to stress, though. Keep both and play your favorite into TWW.

Extremely disappointed if we can’t make a second Dracthyr on a server with one already, was considering leveling one or two up through this event, but already have one on each of my main two servers.
I already have at least 2 low level alts on each server I’ve been slacking on that I’ll reroll for it so I’m not stressing it and will be busy, but I want to make more dragon lizards dangit. :smiley:

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