Mists of Pandaria, Remix!

They’re going to take something dear from you as payment.

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Honestly, I need to do more research on this event. If ALL races and classes are allowed, this might allow a 2nd Dracthyr on the same realm?

Lorewalker Cho gets to the dracthyr heritage quest on Horde and just grumbles that their backstory was never adequately explained.


I feel like I would want to make a Pandaren for this. But I’ll probably make something else. Won’t know til the time comes.

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I’m excited for this and will definitely check it out. Pandaria is the WoW expansion I played the least of since it launched while I was still infatuated with SWTOR, and I didn’t return to WoW until mid-2014 which only gave me enough time to level and do a bit of the Timeless Isle before WoD hit.

However, I’m starting to get a bit of “all the things” anxiety. I want to do all the things and enjoy them, but at my own pace. I have a very busy IRL schedule which leaves me a limited amount of game time each week, and I already have plenty of game things competing for my attention. RP, Retail WoW content, Classic WoW content (right now it’s SoD), FFXIV (new expansion dropping soon), and more games that I occasionally want to dip into and mess around with (looking at you, D4 and BG3).

It’s making me a bit resentful of seasonal and time-limited content. I played a bit of D4’s Season of Blood last fall and actually enjoyed it a lot—I loved the vampire theme and the blood powers mechanic was interesting. But I got busy with some work things, SoD launched, and before I knew it, the season was over and I felt like I barely had any time to play it.

If I had any feedback for Blizzard, it would just be to stop making so many things “limited time”. Seasonal servers, time-limited content, it just makes me feel forced to focus my attention on “this specific thing” rather than allow my focus to be directed according to whatever I fancy on a particular day. I have weeks where I just want to smash things in an ARPG, weeks where I want a slow methodical open-world leveling adventure, weeks where I want a single player RPG, and weeks where I want to hop in and raid or do challenging dungeons (like M+) with friends. And more.

I would much simply rather all this content continue to exist for people to check it out at their own pace, when they feel inspired to do so, rather than feeling forced into it in order to get as much out of it as they can before it potentially disappears forever (or for some unknown amount of time).


Don’t know if this has been dropped here:


Oh noes! No farm!


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(╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻


Am I the only one who thinks it’s not only weird but rude of Emperor Shaohao to give the more esteemed version of his cloud serpent for helping him in the past?

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What’s even the point.

=> 10.2.7 up on WoWhead and I’m combing through it. OHMAN.gif

Some amazing cosmetics and BOEs incoming. Pretty excited now.


DF was a pretty lit hat expansion but TWW might blow it away. I’m almost giggling over here.




Less than a week, right? Or something? I can’t wait for this.

I think it starts on Tuesday, but if I look at Traveler’s Log, it lists a bunch of Pandaria Remix quest completions between the dates of 5/16 and 8/19. Which…is also interesting since we have an end date listed there.


It’s the 16th, yeah! Global release, so that EU folks don’t get it a day late. Instead we all get it a few days late xD


So does anyone know do you have to have Dragonflight to get up to Level 70 or do Remix characters get to skip that requirement?

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AFAWK, you finish the Remix at level 70 so you can head straight into The War Within.

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Follow up question…at Level 70 with minimal gearing up, can you solo BFA or even Shadowlands content?

I’d be shocked if you didn’t need to have DF to do the whole Pandaria thing. If you don’t, I think it will be the first time you didn’t need an expac to hit that expac’s level cap?

Might be you’re stuck at 60 in Pandaria?

Remain pure at 60, and keep all my sweet, sweet gear.
Or level to 70 in Pandaria.