Why not heirlooms?

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I really don’t understand why the heirlooms would not return. What purpose does withholding them serve?



Makes people experience the full content of Pandaria. :beer::robot:

I’ll explain this in more detail:

  • No quest line for the legendary cloak

  • No Vol’jin rebellion against Garrosh

  • No battlefield in the Barrens

  • No Kor’kron wolf

  • No recoloring of the Challenge mode sets or the originals.

In summary, Blizzard is just embarrassing!


?? Wat??
This is referring to the heirlooms from Garrosh.

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That does sound surprising. Is this event locking us only in Pandaria? :world_map::robot:

Or maybe the Heirlooms will be added to a MoP timewalking raid that isn’t a limited time event?


Pretty much. You make a special Timerunning character who starts at Lv. 10 and is sent straight to the Jade Forest. From there, you level through Pandaria to Lv. 70 and then you run all the Pandaria raids and/or complete Pandaria achievements to get special cosmetics that only Timerunning characters can obtain. Then, when the event is over (most likely when 11.0 drops), the Timerunning characters will be turned into regular characters.

I hope so. I think it’s dumb they removed them in the first place.


Removing heirlooms was dumb


That would explain why we wouldn’t see the Legendary, Barrens, and War campaigns since they involve quests outside. :world_map::robot:


Just say your mad that you cant use the game mode to gain expired fomo lol.

I’m still waiting for Blizzard to release a set of Grand Marshal heirlooms. When are we raiding Stormwind?


Blame the disgruntled PvPer on the team

“Fine! Let them have their PvE event… but No heirlooms!

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It’s just disappointing. They made an event centered around Mists of Pandaria, and failed to introduce the things that people wanted to return from Mists of Pandaria. It’d be nice to see them not faceplant before the finish line after they come up with a good idea.


My main concern is the story, but I wanted to show how disappointing it is to not get even a handful of things that were removed.
A lot of it is not justified!

But I think you probably have a problem with the pixels.

perfect chance for recolored challenge mode gear and they say we won’t get it so i’m mad as hell


The worst part is that you can’t even fully experience the story because a huge part of it is missing. Of course, costemitic things like the heirlooms, but Blizzard would fight to the death

One can dream.

No original Vale of Eternal Blossoms either, only post Garrosh. So I’ll just have to wait until MoP classic to see it.


This is what it looks like :frowning:

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