Under Development: WoW Remix: Mists of Pandaria

It looks like a content filler to keep subs in between S4 and the new expansion.

Conspiracy theories are fun!

Whatever people think it is, it’s a fun mode for sure.

It just seems to me like a multiple team thing. The main retail dev team is busy nailing down the next expansion, so there are side dev teams trying to make fun new content that’s not going to cause more work the main dev team to have to balance around, letting them work uninterrupted while still giving us new and interesting content. It let’s the side teams go wild and do out of the box things, like make new overpowered gear and stuff to enjoy. I don’t see this as a bad thing. You can just “remix” your main since I assume we will have access to all of our collections in remix mode, then we get to keep our cosmetics and achieves and what have you, so really, at the end of the day, whether it’s your “main” or just a mirror of your main, it’s the same thing.

This is disappointing.

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I am loving the concept of this event as I never got a real shot at MoP. I have a few questions tho: if I want to create a drakthyr, and it will be transferred into regular WoW after the event, does that mean that I can have two drakthyr on the servers I play? I love playing them but I already have one on each server I play. How would that work? Would I need to delete one of my fully leveled drakthyr?

It does not look like you will be able to create a Drakhtyr on a realm where you already have one.

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Good to know! Thank you for catching that!

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anyone know if these timerunner characters will unlock heritage armor lvl 50 requirement? For example if I level a troll in this event will it ‘enable’ me to collect the troll heritage armor when it comes in 10.2.7? Or any other race for that matter. Sorry if asked already- any help appreciated.

Will this mode get rid of tier sets?, like finally will we have the shackles of mandatory talent selection gone?, could I finally play Enhancement without Primordial Wave?.

I think the classes are going to be exactly like they are currently in DF.

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Damn, was hoping tier sets from DF wouldn’t be here :sob:

Oh I don’t think the tier sets will. The current talents will though.


Ok awesome!, now I’m excited! Thank you.

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So let me get this straight…
I can either:
A: replay my favorite expansion, except streamlined with a bunch of new features, new gear, a bunch of SoD type mechanics, the opportunity to unlock a bunch of mounts and cosmetics I didn’t get back then, every character I level gets faster and faster because of the account wide cloak that can get an xp buff, AND the character converts to a retail character and can have up to ilvl 556 gear going into War Within
B: play s4

No brainer. Should probably do this in the future for other things. The mythic gear treadmill for stuff that will be replaced by quest rewards 10 hours into WW and an achievement that almost everyone gets because you made it so easy is cringe and I’m more than happy for an alternative.

Many were unhappy with plunderstorm because it was a stand alone game, and the only way plunderstorm could tie into retail is through a couple of mounts/tmogs. So it didnt really offer much, and once time is up for plunderstorm the entirey of the 10.2.6 patch basically vanishes.

So instead of grinding for gear, you are going to play an even faster gamemode where gameplay is easier and high powered loot is more readily available than play s4 cause s4 is too easy? You should be honest and just say you are burnt out on DF XD

I wonder what percentage of all guilds actually get CE

I’m not saying s4 is too easy. I’m saying s4 is boring and the reward for the grind doesn’t mean anything.

Is it weird that the expansion they chose for this rush through is the one that kept telling us to slow down? :thinking:

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I have been working on the Loremaster achievement quests, and I was going to bring my existing Pandaren toon to Pandaria to do the quests for Loremaster of Pandaria. Will the quests in the Remix MoP count toward the account wide Loremaster of Pandaria achievement? If not, I may just skip the Remix and go with my original plan.

Nice. I’ll check it out. I liked the zones.