Under Development: WoW Remix: Mists of Pandaria

If you raise the trial level to 25 so that the new player can experience a Raid during this event I think that would be great, it would give potential players a more complete idea of the content of the game and there would be a better chance of them paying .

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I might actually play this. What rewards are there besides the phoenix/mount recolors? Are they bringing the legendary questline back? Old Vale of Eternal Blossoms?

Neither. But you can get the appearances of the cloaks still with bronze.

So I still won’t be able to kill Ordos? lol.

edit: I just read that you will be able to.

Why not keep this around?


Continuing the discussion from Pandamonium clarification:


Mists of Pandaria was the first full expansion I played, start to finish. I obtained the legendary cloak, and everything. I even got AOTC back then, with a guild.

I cannot wait to see what kind of changes happen. People are saying it feels like a Season of Discovery for retail, so I hope there are many changes, and it is not a 1:1 replication of MoP. So far, my interest has been peaked.

This solves my biggest complaint about Plunderstorm that, other than the tmogs, there was no tangible benefit. With this, it seems I can go do what I have been wanting and make a new series of Alliance toons.

The same reason normal timewalking isn’t kept around for too long. Market saturation is very much a thing when it comes to doing content (especially again). It will at some point become super dead or under used, and that kind of defeats the purpose of it being a whole event.

Almost without a doubt they will want to redo this event in the future. Which means over time it’ll come back for people to play again and do it with other players. I don’t agree with the cosmetics staying locked away, we should be able to grind for them on retail after the fact and have the items be added to a collection system ala timewarped badges and stuff.


Content-wise, it’s pretty much Chromie Time MoP with raids sprinkled throughout the level curve as well. Gearing up is pretty different, but classes all have the same talents/spellbooks as they do on retail so there aren’t huge gameplay changes really.

I really couldn’t agree more with this post.

It’s why I love it when MMOs do bonus events involving older content. It prevents old content from being ENTIRELY abandoned, and frankly? I kind of like the occasional distraction from my main progression. Emphasis on occasional though; visiting the past is fun, but I’ll pass on living in it.

That said, I’m a big fan of things repeating. Already my old friends have reached out telling me we’re making a raid group to farm EVERYTHING we can.

If they cycle this back in, we’ll do it again with our new friends. And if they cycle it again, we’ll do it with our newer ones, and so on, and so on.

And really, isn’t playing with others what MMOs are all about at their core?


Exactly, it’s why I love FFXIV and how it handles old content as well. You’re always rewarded for doing content on your main, and if you don’t want to progress anything you don’t have to. The main game (story) is still there for you. As is here in WoW, these alternating events aren’t disrupting Retail. Instead they’re introducing worthwhile distractions if you want to do them.

And hell, it’s all mostly soloable too lol. So even the solo players can enjoy it through and through.


I don’t really care about the cosmetics being locked, if it is a repeated event. It is like you said the content would become dead eventually as more people complete it. It’s supposed to be fun side bs for people to do during a content lul so Blizzard can continue to get sub money and players get entertainment / content. Which isn’t out of the norm for any MMO or online game in general today. It’s when you keep adding cosmetics to get old players to repeat the content with low chances of rewards is what creates unnecessary FOMO. Consider how many people are going to do this more than 1 time cosmetics or not.

So, if you happen to have one lvl 70 of every class, you are only doing this for mounts and cosmetic rewards?

Then once the event is over you can pull your side game toons out and put them into live?

Pandaren Death Knight … DO IT BLIZZARD! (reminder that there was a Pandaren Death Knight garrison NPC that you could get as follower)

joke aside, i’d probably go with a plate class, cause never maxed one of those.

You can be a Pandaren DK since Shadowlands!

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IIRC I think it was BfA during the SL prepatch.

Be like

Ooh trample me daddy

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If i wasnt neck deep in ff14 and progging ultimates i may have joined. Oh well. Good luck everyone

That might be the main reason I don’t play it . If it was done with MoP talents I could go back and relive playing RSurv which was such a great spec back then .

CHaracters created for the remix will only be available for that and will be indicated with an icon . Once they reach max level and most likely TWW comes out they will be switched over to main WoW retail .

If they were going to let people use existing toons they would of indicated that in the announcement information . They did no such thing .