OOOF! Blizzard clarified on MoP Remix, NO legendary quest chain/challenge mode sets

didn’t u cry nonstop about plunderstorm?

nah i was with it but then the 40 renown i was like meh

It’ll be nice for those who got stuck on a leg of the quest chain too because parts of it was so dumb. I got stuck on the forced PvP crud because trolls and griefers kept stalking me and nobody wanted to help me kill the dwarf guy


runs in a random direction with my torch
Am I Doing This Right?!

I think BDK was an axe

DK is the only one i havenʻt finished yet, still slowly working towards the mount.

Imo no heirloom should be unavailable. The only purpose an heirloom serves is to help a lvelling character. Why make any of them be unavailable for that limited use?

(Note, I have a number of them but I still believe they should be put back onto Garrosh’s loot table.)


aslong as i can get the cape and be able to access Ordos i am cool with it, i remember when MOP was live all i got to get the cape was 2 last quest that i couldn’t finished because life desided to be a D to me.

if MoP Classic happens and it brings back those quest line? i’ll try it again and this time?


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What’s even the point if they aren’t bringing them back

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It’s very disappointing there will not be challenge modes. The content was fun and it’s been so long that people weren’t even born playing now who wouldn’t even have had the chance to earn some of the best sets available in the game STILL. The prestige of sets that weren’t that hard to get considering they could be four manned while you paid a group for it is ridiculous. I hope at least some of the cool recolors make it in if they seem so stuck on making the old colors “”“”““exclusive””“”“”. Most of the rewards being recolored mounts is pretty sad as well.


It was limited but not specified it willl be unobtainable. All the said it was seasonal. Not that it will be removed.

Better comparison would be Korkron mount and how they didnt brought it back.

Eerh you will get classic mop. You can try that challenge there if you want to try it out. Keep prestige to og players.

easy solution for blizzard. ignore them.

Same. I hadn’t starte playing back them. I would have liked to do the quests. The rewards could be anything for all I care.

i’m still gonna play the hell out of remix, but I admit I would have liked it more if we could play the FULL story.


Recolours would provide a very cool ‘remix’ to some excellent sets for new players without taking away the prestige of the original Gold CM sets from players who obtained it back in the day. All for it.


I would have liked to have the legendary quest back even without the cloak.
As a lore nerd who began the game nearly at the end of WoD, i actually prefer to live the events i missed rather than to read the questline on a wiki.

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Cool. In that case, take the slime cat mount off the dinar vendor. Either limited time FOMO items can come back or they can’t.

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no they are not lol its just recolored trading post sets if you even want to call three pieces that don’t match anything in game a set.

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They need to clarify further because people are talking about the unreleased CM colors that were never released in MOP so those technically fall in the part of never released…

Far as I know that’s what people have been speculating. Not the released CM sets…

Classic MoP in 2025 nad you’ll do all those quests.

Blizzard wrote it’s seasonal reward, not that its limited reward. So them bringing it back is not breaking any rulles.

You know I’m a big supporter of limited time and seasonal rewards but they way they handled the slime cat was completely rotten and they needed to do something to fix that mistake.

Never forget: