Kor'kron War Wolf and the Garrosh Heirlooms

What’s your justification for bringing it back beyond “I want it.”

Why ask questions when you are not going to listen to the answer anyway? It was explained, multiple times, and you ignored it.

I did read it. It’s “I want it” “the heirlooms were brought back” and “people got screwed over.”

1.) Nobody cares what you want.
2.) There was no reason to have multiple rewards for killing Garrosh while current and the AOTC mount is now tradition.
3.) Nobody is getting screwed. There are over a thousand mounts and 16 of those are wolves available to the Alliance.

I’m not a child who thinks they should have it be all or nothing?

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Where did they say this?

The two items came from the same event and were tied together as limited time, the wolf was the easier of the two, and we were told in interviews prior to remix that neither were coming back, yet this one’s changed

Its not like I’m requesting Challenge Mode (Which is from a whole seperate thing) to come back. You got the first heirloom and the wolf at the same time, they’re linked together.


Why do you think this is a justification?

No other end-of-expac boss dropped heirlooms. They are not tied together.

Disagree. If they keep taking back “limited time” over and over, it becomes meaningless. Another poster said to make a re-color. I’d be okay with that, but not the original.

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Because I was there in MoP and I remember how they were brought up as “Defeat Garrosh, get the Kor’kron warwolf and heirlooms!”

As it should, fomo is trash design.

That’s not a justification, that’s a statement.

Plus, the heirlooms were not a guaranteed drop (or reward) like the wolf. They’re not the same thing.

Nah, just people that get all mad and scruffled they missed something think so.

Limited time rewards promote participation and participation =/= fear.

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Your first kill on a relevant Garrosh fight, you were guaranteed a single heirloom. Every one after that was at the mercy of RNG

You got your first heirloom at the same time you got AotC due to how that mathed out. They’re linked

Huh no you didn’t. I got the wolf but I did not get an heirloom.

Entire civilizations and economic structures are based on incentives. Without them, nothing has meaning and systems crash. It’s one of the main reason communism failed in the USSR. I know that’s way outside the scope of this discussion, but human behavior should be part of the design of… well… everything.

Also, no takesy backsies!

Aren’t all AOTC mounts removed?

I got the heirlooms and not the wolf. I have no idea how.

Weird. Should have at least that one guaranteed one.

The Fyrakk appearance is still obtainable at the moment despite the AotC not being around, but its semi-current season

“Easier” is putting it lightly.

The wolf was a guarantee, while the heirlooms were not.

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Maybe the raid had a guaranteed drop for heirlooms but no people were not guaranteed an heirloom because it wasn’t tied to an achievement like the wolf is.

Because they’re not the same thing.

Which goes to my point that one has nothing to do with the other.

No I’m pretty sure that’s gone. The orange-fire appearance is still dropped but not the one with purple colors.