Mailbox Purge - Active Thread

I don’t believe I have anything of any note on any character and it’s keeping me from migratin off of US-Benediction.

Is this is the case, could you please purge my mailbox so I can escape the 9-hour queue?

Preferably from all characters, but if just Cocochanell, then at least I can get to playing!

Thank you so much for your attention on this crazy day =)

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Already cleared from the other thread.


THANK YOU!!! The forum was only showing the one for some reason!


could i get my mailbox cleared so i can play the game im currently in a 330 minute que and have been in it for 3 hours allready wanted to switch servers thanks

I would also like to request this. Is there a way we can go about doing so ?


US-Faerlina has a ~11k queue, I have mail, you can’t transfer off a realm with mail

Check now if you would.



I have the same problem. I can’t wait to 8 hours to play. Can you purge all the email in all my characters in US-Benediction classic? I know I don’t have anything important and I want to transfer all my characters. Thank you so much

I don’t know what the interface is showing for the SFAs, but it may help make the process a touch easier if you list the specific names.


Are you certain Gerste? You have plans and schematics in there.


Yes, it doesn’t matter. I have them for just collecting recepies but they are low level and I need to prioritize my work schedule. It is the same for the rest of my charecters. Thank you for timely reply and for asking before.

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Those should be clear now, Gerste


Copy-pasted from another poster because I suck at wording things…


I am trying to character migrate Cocochanell (Warrior) off of Benediction but cannot due to mail in my mail box.

Could I have my mail deleted so I may transfer. I am content with losing whatever (likely junk) is in my mailbox. If possible, can this be done for all my alts?

Thank you so much for your time! Remember to take a breath and stand up and stretch on this crazy launch day!



Was just a couple NPC mails, Bearrito - should be good now


can i get the same on my ànpu character us benediction! been in que 2 hours would love to transfer off!

Looks like it’s been cleared, Anpu. :slight_smile:


hello i also need my mailbox purged on munchacho on faerlina

sorry if i didnt reply fast enough i still really need my mailbox purged in wow classic wraith of the lich king on my lvl 72 mage

need my mailbox purged as well on faerlina

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It was already purged, Sarrust, you should be good.

Same for you, Munchacho.