Can't get on Benediction

Get over yourself… This is a player help player forum…

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Nephe you’re just mad because I caught you red handed lol

And that’s understandable, but unfortunately, yes, you did come to the wrong place. The Support Forum Agents (the blue posters here) are not Game Masters. They have similar tools, and are able to see everything a GM would, but they do not service tickets… with the rare exceptions like purging mailboxes for free character migrations. They cannot, and will not, do what you’re asking. Their primary function on this forum is as an information desk for World of Warcraft and as moderators for this forum specifically.

If you want a one-on-one with a Game Master, you need to submit a ticket. Times are running exceptionally high due to many factors, and most tickets are being answered within 7 days or so.


Just so you all know I’m not frustrated at any of you guys (maybe Nephe lol (calm down Nephe) Just lookin for a Blizzard nothing hardly ever frustrates me.

The forums are not staffed 24/7, nor is it an avenue to contact a GM, you have to submit a ticket for that.

You are not special or unique, you are treated the same by Blizzard as everyone else. If the servers are locked, reroll on another.


Speaking of free character migrations… you might ask your brother to take advantage of the ones open from Benediction, and then you can create a character to boost on the server he chooses. If he’s concerned about a guild or other friends… that’s a valid concern, but the friends can move with him, too.

Mr. Raven Please read the oldest posts clearly as they’re the important (but less fun) part of this forum post. This part Specifically.

As you can see, there is no reroll for me sir.

I can say with 100% confidence that generating a character for you on a locked realm so you can bypass that lock to create your own character so you can play with your brother and his friends is absolutely not something that Blizzard is going to be able to do for you.

I’m equally confident that what they’re going to tell you is going to sound awfully familiar - wait for the realm to be unlocked, or choose a different (unlocked) realm. Best of luck to you. I hear Eranikus is nice this time of year.


I mean, it absolutely is. He doesn’t want to take advantage of it, but it’s not like his friends and you can’t join him and get set up on the new realm. All y’all definitely won’t be the only ones in the same boat; it’s even probable that there’s already a number of guilds on the new realm who’ve done the same thing. Even if there isn’t, there are other individuals who did the same, and would likely happily help get a new hardcore guild established.


I understand that can technically happen, but practically, I couldn’t get a large amount of people to switch servers for someone’s brother who’s only level 1. The server is hot they like it and are settled in where they’re at.

The good news is it sounds like you have plenty of people that can help you catch up when the server does unlock and you’re finally able to join your brother and his friends.


Then your only choices are:

  • Wait until Benediction is opened again
  • Open a ticket and ask for an exception. I reiterate that ticket times are going about a week to be answered (and you may even get an automated reply directing you to other resources initially–just reopen the ticket if you do), and it’s 99.99999% (repeating, of course) likely that the answer will be no.
  • Request a refund for your subscription, and resub when the hype has died down.

I’m sorry that it’s happening this way, but at this point, there’s nothing anyone on the forums can do for you.


Oh heck yeah dude! you know it. I mean, I’d be alright on my own gameplay wise. But it’s about more than doing good and having good items achievements and stuff like that though, it’s stuff like playing with my brother. The version from 2008, 2009, 2010, when I was 10, 11, 12 yrs old, the end of childhood right. I was playing Frozen Throne more than Wrath then(It’s the better game) (they killed it in Wc3deforged btw and they got me excited to watch them do it man it’s just awful) But yeah in Classic WotLK I think too many people care about the BEST Gear and being MinMax and the Economy in there people paying all this Money for Carries, Gear, Mounts and stuff they couldn’t even Earn with their raw Skill. Thousands of dollars some items. I know what Diablo2000 Multiplayer Economy looked like back in the day with all that Real Money Trading going on even way in the Early 2000’s but this $1000+ for 1 gear piece is absolutely overboard and I think it’s only a matter of time before one of those (mostly)Old People in WashingtonD.C. figure out what the heck a Video Game is and how Money Works within them.

I’m Paladone again

Blizzard can not over ride the lock for you. It is not something they can do.

If you wish to play on a different server you can. If you have not used your subscription yet, you can probably get a refund.

Direct link


We’ll refund any unused World of Warcraft subscription within 14 days of the purchase.

We won’t refund subscription time lost due to a suspension and/or permanent account closure. For permanent account closures and suspensions longer than 15 days, we will cancel upcoming recurring subscriptions.


Im just trying to login to throw my gold on one toon and clear mailboxes and i gotta wait for that before i can transfer …kinda annoying that mailbox issue

Uh. Has nothing to do with the OP’s issue, really. Hijacking threads isn’t kosher. Even if it’s to vent and show the opposite side of the struggle for people who are still on Benediction rather than the OP’s view of wanting to get on there no matter what.

There is a master thread where the SFAs are monitoring people who need their mailboxes cleared out, but that doesn’t solve the issue of you needing to move your gold around. But they’ve been actively helping people with the mail issue for over a week now.


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Well, like I said I had already got into the server to make a dude, so I am definitely sure my subscription has been activated. I’m familiar with the REFUND POLICY as well. For now I’m waiting for a real Employee with the power of Mechanical Support rather than the Players power of Emotional Support. Until either the server unlocks, or that happens, I am waiting patiently. :jack_o_lantern: :lollipop: Also Halloween season is my favorite time to play WoW… :cupcake: :chocolate_bar: Now that I’m thinking about the 2008/9/10 World of Warcraft Halloween seasons and the ones before them, those were some great days. I remember my dad getting the Headless Horseman Steed in 2007, It could fly. :jack_o_lantern:

As long as you understand that you’re in a forum primarily for players to help other players and not staffedy by GMs (not that they can bypass lockouts anyway), then yes, you’re certainly welcome to wait.

Unfortunately, you will indeed be waiting for the server to no longer be restricted.