This is really getting ridiculous

he used the word ‘‘sir’’ it means hes a bot, thats how you spot them… ‘‘mage DPS sir’’

Keep shilling for the man! Maybe they’ll give you one of those streamer accounts

Just because I think you’re being dramatic and exaggerating, doesn’t mean I think Blizzard is handling the servers appropriately. They’re mutually exclusive. Your supporting points are weak, that’s all.

Bro I went to transfer. I need to login to remove my mail… I can only remove my mail if I login… I can’t login……

This is just evil.

This is a point I’d agree with. This character couldn’t transfer because it lead a guild. Blizzard replied to my ticket a week later saying they were too busy to answer.

Mailbox Purge - Active Thread You can get your mailbox purged.


Lol, proof you know nothing.

Ad hominem, what a substantive comment. Good job!

Here, let me assist you, since your googling skills are AWFUL. Blizzard doesn’t own Candy Crush. They never did. ACTIVISION-BLIZZARD owns Candy Crush. The amount of lazy needed… My lord. And NOW Microsoft, after the merger of course, will own both. I guess we can Chock this into the “went right over your head” barrel eh?

Activision Blizzard is the same company lol

This is the lazy I’m talking about. This would be the equivalent of saying Haven Studios Owns the (insert playstation game here). NO. SONY owns the (insert playstation game here).

Not quite, because Sony is haven studio’s parent company. Activision and blizzard merged into one company, called Activision blizzard. They are one and the same.

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Sometimes, I just can’t. This might be one. You talk A LOT, you should just go back and make sure you have a clue BEFORE your post things.

SEE it’s been literal MILLISECONDS and I can see you replying. Lmao, you have no OFF button.

I do. Activision Blizzard is one company lol

Yes I know, and you said this

Blizzard is NOT an entity that OWNS ANYTHING. Blizzard on it’s own is literally nothing. They are a game-studio inside ACTIVISION-BLIZZARD. Why are you so dense?

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You’re being pedantic, and I’ll respect that and concede the point.

lol retail gnome getting short people mad is funny.

Just an avatar I chose. Not what I play by a LONG stretch. I find it Ironic, actually, that I post on this dumb looking gnome.

keep it, it suits you. You got a short fuse, a short body, and short sight.

Even got an eyepatch to match it

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