Can’t server transfer because of supposed mail in inbox nothing there

I’ve been trying to transfer my character from Faerlina to sulfuras for 2 days now, ever since the blue post stating free transfers were to be closed the next day at 12. My DK isn’t able to transfer because of a mail issue with no mail in the inbox. It’s been 2 days now and I still haven’t received mail or have been able to transfer. My warrior got stuck not being able to free transfer because of active auctions but the AH was down so I couldn’t clear those auctions and I ended up paying for my warrior to be transferred, willing to do the same for the death knight at this point but I can’t because I’m told my mailbox isn’t empty


You may want to check out some of the info in this thread:

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Some mail takes about 2 days to show up in your mailbox in-game. There is a quest in the DK starting zone at a mailbox that takes the 2 days as well as a few other quests that send mail later. If one of the quests has been done, then it flags the account as having mail and will do so until it gets there and you take it from there.


I figured it was from doing the harvest festival quest but it’s now been over 2 days and still no mail. Just a bit frustrating considering now I’m having to pay for a transfer instead of transferring for free

The two days would be 48 hours from the exact second you hand the quest in, not the standard cycle of hours.

If you can recall roughly what time you completed them, you can base it around that.

Alternatively, might you have some people on ignore? That would hide any mail they may send you, too.

Would have been between 7pm and 8pm est so I guess I’ll see if anything come in the next hour

No one on ignore, Doubled checked that

From what I can see, Bookofnad, a Game Master answered your ticket within the last hour or so. It looks like you had pending mail from the Harvest Festival quest Honoring a Hero.


I am experiencing this now as well. Is this something that can be advanced by a Game Master? Posted a new thread for this, but also opened a support ticket…

No. You will have to wait for the mail to be delivered.

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Edit: my ticket was answered in about 12 hours and the GM was able to remove the pending mail! Thank you Tylorennon!


I also have this issue and am trying to get off on benidiction and yet i cannot. I have tried removing all ignored, reset, reinstall, wait 24+ hours (been 34 ) Wildesami is the char i want to get off of this server as 10+ hour ques are outragious. I want to get off if this server and yet i still cant…

This thread is nearly three weeks dead…

However! You can post here