Fix the Queues. Fix the game I pay you for

The solution is not to transfer to a dead server or another server at all. You allowed the PAID transfer of my $150 to come to your server after previously having to pay $100 to move off of servers you accidentally left free transfers open from during Classic.

Fix the issue Blizzard. Or refund my Money. This is not a “service” you are providing.

Guild raid is cancelled because we cannot get on to play together.

Also - I cannot transfer my character because it has mail etc – HAVE A REAL SOLUTION PLEASE!

Make a “Faerlina2” or “Benediction2” that will allow me to free transfer back in a month as everyone quits.

DO SOMETHING other than status quo.


They are providing exactly the service they agreed to provide you as per the tos you should really read it. Being in que exactly matches the server requirements. Same with the transfer it only sold you the movement to the realm nothing more.

You can transfer with mail.

There is a thread in the support fourms to transfer with mail where the gms remove the mail for you to transfer really do people not look at the support fourm when they have issues that need you no support.

They will not make a 2nd realm the stated goal is to get people of those realms and not let them get to that size again allowing transfers back goes adverse to that and in fact is why the realm is locked and as they said is likly to remain so.

The real solution is to transfers. That is the real solution as much as you don’t like it. This is comming from someone on faer and no exactly how it is.

Also if your guild had to cancel raid due to the ques the issue is your raiders not the ques. They are nothing new and people have been dealing with them for awhile now. People have known they would need to remote log and stay online raid day to be able to play which is why everyone in my guild has been on since noon like many other guilds. If your guild dint have the foresight to do that ya transfers are what you should be doing as it’s not going to get better and if they can’t learn after months how to deal with the que they never will. So your going to keep canceling raids.

I’m playing on the server they told me to xfer to with free xfers when my realm was deemed " dead" and closed.

Its now a unplayable mega server that I would need to spend close to $400 usd to move from and without being able to move my guild bank.

Its fun for sure

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Lol. I was remote logged in. I did dishes for less than 10 min and got DC’d during that period.

I also have no interest in trying to convince 39 other people to transfer - nor should I have to shell out gold to build out a guild bank for a 3rd time.

There weren’t queues 3 months ago. This situation was allowed by Blizzard and they need to fix it and not reply on the players to fix it for them.

This part is easy. There is an active thread over in CS that has been monitored and the SFAs there have been purging folks’ mailboxes so that they can take advantage of the free character transfers. Anyone who posts on this thread, they’re getting taken care of pretty quickly (save for the overnight hours when the SFAs are off, but they pick back up in the morning). Also, for the love of all that is holy - please don’t create new threads. Post to the master thread, the SFAs will get people taken care of.

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