FTP character has mail, cannot see nor delete mail to delete character

Just like the title says, Cannot delete the FTP /Trial character due to it saying it has mail, but there is no mail in the mailbox that I can see to delete, thus I am stuck and unable to delete the character [lvl 20 hunter]

I’ve had a ticket open for awhile now, but Just got a auto response and nothing else.

I’m having this same issue, on a lvl 11 DK. :thinking:

Well, I deleted one of my other characters then tried to delete the DK and it worked. Dunno, just thought I would share this possible…um…solution?

Good guess, Darkspring - but the mail got deleted - it was a quest email.

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I can’t get into my character because of server queues, I want to delete mail so I can transfer off benediction, can someone help?

You can post here in the proper thread where they’re assisting folks. Mind you, they can only clear out mailboxes. If you have active auctions or are involved with an arena team, you must log in and handle those manually.

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