I cant use the free transfer because of mail

I was on this morning i had no mail… now im seeing 8 hour queue times i said screw it i’ll transfer off. im guildless and idc. but now supposedly i have mail that i didnt have this morning (didnt even use AH) now i cant transfer and i cant play… are you serious atm? if i could i would just say delete the mail but i cant with this.

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I submitted a ticket to hopefully get them to delete my mail so I can leave. I’m in the same boat.

Any update from either of you on this? Im in the same boat. Made a ticket this morning about 10 hours ago and haven’t heard anything. Stuck in a 8+ hour que right now on a server I just want to leave.

Customer Support appears to be able to assist with that if you let them know in the thread linked below.
Good luck!