Anyone know anything about Eranikus server?

Eranikus is new. US East and crazy busy at peak times but a bit quiet at late off times. Last H/A split i saw was 53% Alliance / 47% Horde

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My whole guild transfered here from Benediction and it’s honestly been a breath of fresh air.

You can actually farm professions, you see Horde out in the world now and there’s the odd pvp scuffle here and there but for the most part people just want to actually quest after not being able to play the game lol.


26355 Total unique characters level 70-80 seen in the past 7 days. 56% Horde, 44% Alliance.

Server peaks at around 10 000 concurrent logged in players (15K players is max number before queue).

So does this server see Queues as well? I imagine so…

I might give up on Classic tbh. I am so tired of the Q’s but all the other servers for pvp are Horde servers. I wouldn’t mind going to an RP or Normal realm if I had the option to swap back later in time but you can’t go back to a pvp server once you go to something else.

no it doesnt do queues, its at 10K players online at peak. queues start at 15K.

so its 5K players off a queue.

Curious, I saw that Bloodsail buccaneers was an option however it’s just an RP realm, doesn’t specify pve or pvp like the other… Do you know what that means? I couldn’t find anything on Google or whether you can transfer to a pvp realm from an RP realm. I found that you can if it’s a PVP RP realm.

the only RP PvP server in the US is Grobbulus. Bloodsaid Buccaneers is RP-PvE.

Ahhh okay I had wondered. Hm, a lot of the server data websites don’t actually match up. It seems like the one you linked is better. It says that Earthfury is a very populated Alliance realm with 58% alliance.

OH MY GOD. I was #1000 in Q after waiting ALL DAY to log in, and it kicked me out of Q now I’m #10,000 and I can’t transfer my character with mail. I literally can’t just log on to transfer.

I am seeing 6247 Level 70-80s spotted on Earthfury in the past 7 days, and the balance is 50/50.

For comparison, Eranikus,

27788 level 70-80s seen in the past 7 days, and a 55% Horde 45% Alliance split.

So that is close to 5x more level 70s-80s on Eranikus vs Earthfury (seen over the past 7 days).

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Ah… Well. I will say, I am really surprised Eranikus somehow doesn’t have massive Q times. It’s population is up there with Bene’s. I am swapping though. I love pvp servers (I don’t gank lowbies) but at max level open world is really fun! So a server close to 50/50 is awesome!

I swapped some of the options around and apparently on some days the Eranikus pop is 50/50% for both factions so it’s really tight.

(It looks like the Q corrected itself and put me back where I was thank goodness)

Just transferred to Eranikus from Benediction and it was a great decision. Good balance and plenty of activity on alliance….and no more planning life around a queue!


For reals. Am having a hard time finding a late night raiding guild though x_x I’m 2 hours behind server.

Have you checked the discord? There is a guild recruitment section when you choose the alliance role

Discord .gg/Eranikus

I’ll be honest, I had absolutely no clue there was a Discord.

Eranikus hasn’t yet had a queue that I have seen

Sulfuras and Eranikus are the only servers worth playing on right now. Every other server (minus Grobb, with its enormous queues) is a PVE server.

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I made a character last night on this server and yes biosted to 70 cause i did not want to go thru that grind to 70. I had my 1st pvp experience and boi was it fun. After playing on benidiction where its 100 percent alliance this felt better.

Earthfury checking in. Yes the population is low but steadily growing ever since prepatch and accelerating with people getting fed up with Qs. That said it has been an awesome leveling experience. Very balanced to the point I would say it’s 50/50 or damn close. Not a lot of competition for quests/farming stuff. We need more transfer to really push it ovet the edge to be viable for endgame raiding so I hope more people give it a look. Couple big guild/group transfers of each side would do so much.


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