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how long do the free character transfers take to go through?

Can I get my mailbox purged as well? Stormmi on Faerlina, 71 druid

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Hi there, currently sitting in a 325 minute Queue in US-Faerlina, any possibility of having my mail/auctions wiped? Looking to take advantage of that free transfer so I can get back to grinding! Preferably on all characters but if not just this character is fine, thanks a bunch!

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im pretty sure it went through but im not sure, i tried it again and it says an error has occurred. should i just wait to see if the transfer goes through in a few mins or is there something else i should do

Hi Could I request the same too for my Character on US-Faerlina “Oreoface”?

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Looking for a purge for Lsdp(Death Knight) on Benediction.

Thank you.

Generally, within the hour. However, given the volume of people trying to transfer it may take a bit longer.

Vuta, Iamstormm, you should be good to go.

For this character? It looks like it already transferred and you are logged into it. :slight_smile:


Oreo, Lsdp, you two should be good.


Can I also have my mail purged on Linguinii, a level 70 dwarf warrior on Benediction. I am content with losing whatever is in there. Thanks!

Thanks friend.


Could you please purge my mailbox as well, Pumpinator on Faerlina. Undead Rogue. Thank you!

Content with whatever is there being deleted. Thanks :smiley:

Hi, moved over to this new thread, its okay with me if you delete the expired auctions.

You and Nastytribute should be set.


that did the trick. thank you!


I’m attempting to transfer my character off of grobbulus and its giving me the error: mailbox is not cleared issue. The problem is my mailbox is clear, so im not sure what to do.

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I assume you are referring to this character, Bigred? If so, you had some pending mail from an NPC. It should be clear now so that should no longer be blocking the transfer.


I’m also attempting to transfer and having this issue, could you please clear my mailbox too? Aggs on Grobbulus.

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Could please purge my mail box for the character YouSure on Grobbulus, Im trying to transfer off.

it worked, thank you

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