Item restoration

Any ETA on the item restoration fix? I’ve had a ticket open for over 2 weeks and It’s getting kind of ridiculous. It’s been broken for ages, and now that i need something restored it takes you guys like 3 weeks to reply to tickets?

It’s been broken for a couple of weeks. It has been broken in the past, but it has been working pretty much without issue up until after WotLKC went live.

If you have a ticket number, it’s just a matter of waiting for your ticket to come up. You’re saying that you have not received any sort of response at all? Do you remember which ticket path you used?


I don’t remember exactly which path I went through, no. But at first i recieved an automated response with links unrelated to my issue that said “If you still have the same problem after going through these, please get back to us.” And then I reopened the ticket right away, and it’s been roughly 15 or 16 days since then. I tried to restore the items 1 or 2 day after reaching level 80, which was 9/28. So it’s been about 3 weeks, which, when it’s a widely used too, feels like much longer than it should be broken.

Right now ticket times are worse than I ever recall them being - a point of contention for both staff and players. A number of big things (new releases, big ban waves, widespread bugs and all of the regular issues) happened and they’ve just never been able to recover as yet. Normally things were addressed within a day or so, but it is taking upwards of 6-10ish days. I’m unsure why there is such a delay between your response. Perhaps one of our SFAs will pop their head in here to offer some insight.

But hopefully, they’ll get back to you ASAP to get your items back to you.

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Apparently the average wait time for tickets is 19 days 17 hours now. It’s just not acceptable. There’s no chance someone should be having to wait 3 weeks to get help with an issue.

What do you suggest they do about it?

Considering how far behind they’ve fallen, they could always allocate a bit more resources to catch up. Yes they have other projects they’re doing and other games that they have to deal with as well, but that doesn’t mean that one should get put completely on the back burner. Can almost guarantee they’re prioritizing the issues with OW2, Retail WoW because they deem the classic stuff less important.

How do they allocate more resources to handling tickets? Hire on, fully train, get through the rush, then fire customer service agents once they’ve gotten the ticket times back down to normal?

So you’re telling me that nobody else at the company apart from the people currently handling tickets can handle them? Idk.

I worked at a call center in tech support. I didn’t handle sales. I didn’t handle retention. I handled tech support. If sales needed tech support they called me. If retention needed tech support they called me. There are SOPs, tools, and training required to do a job properly.


That is the estimated time based on the oldest ticket in the system. That is not specifically your ticket time. The estimate will fluctuate as tickets pour in and are solved, but you have your place in the queue, no matter how long that estimate is.

They have been. Live chat support has been disabled for the time being so that all ticket-responding GMs can focus solely on tickets. Our SFAs here have been helping too, having been given special dispensation to help in specific circumstances such as clearing out any issues interfering with taking advantage of the free realm transfers - that thread alone has negated the need for hundreds of tickets by this point, heck, it could be in the thousands by now. They’ve also been helping with the forum appeals and such.

They’re doing their utmost to try and whittle this down, but they cannot control the issues that arise when massive ban/suspension waves suddenly sweep through or some crazy bug pops up unexpectedly after weekly maintenance.


You mean like the item restoration bug that’s been around for multiple weeks that’s likely got hundreds of tickets due to that issue as well? Crazy

That would be one of them, yes. It just cropped up not long after WotLKC went live and it’s something they’re very much aware of and working on. Those sort of kinks are not something they could have planned for since it wasn’t an issue until something borked in the system. So you’ve got that release, Overwatch 2 and now Dragonflight pre-patch events start next week. Those kind of things obviously they have announced and have to follow (and likely braced for as much as they can), no matter what unexpected issues have cropped up in their wake. It’s just a perfect storm of poor timing.

Even if they suddenly hired on dozens of new people, you figure they have to go through all of the hiring hoops, then there is roughly six weeks to train them all. By the time they go through all of this, they then would likely not be needed anymore, so they’d be let go after all of that.


I just find it crazy that things can be broken like this for multiple weeks and I don’t even see any mention of them talking about an ETA for a fix, or acknowledging that it’s broken


I do see a ticket open, Retallica - but I’m not seeing mention of what you wanted restored, just that the page wasn’t working.

A GM won’t be able to make the page work - we MIGHT be able to restore an item if you can let us know what it is.


I just want to note that, speaking in general, you don’t get ETAs for things being fixed unless the fix is known for that particular error.


Just edited it, sorry i went to bed early last night lol. I thought i had put it in the original ticket but i guess i didn’t do that

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