Transfer blocked by mail

Hello i would like to transfer but i apparently have mail could tou please delete my mail that my lvl 70 DK on fearalina has so i can transfer servers and play the game?

This is one auction sale - you sure? Note - if you have any other auctions still active - this won’t help, they will still block the transfer and we can’t help those.

Yes please, it was only like 30ish gold from some green item, I can live without that

Ok, long as you don’t have any other auctions active - mail’s gone

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Oh wait ya’ll can do this? I just made a thread in WotlK general suggesting an option to do this for those trying to transfer off long queue servers.

Edit ur post and tell them to post in any of the currently open ones.

Yes. Mind you if it is just existing mail, yes. If it is active auctions, those can not be altered. The player must log in and cancel them themselves.


Looks like Orlyia is done for the night, but they are likely to pick up again in the morning when staff gets back in.


I have no mail in my mailbox and no pending auctions. I’m still unable to transfer and have the error message saying I need to clear my mailbox.

You need to post over in this thread. They’ve gone home for the night but will pick back up in the morning. They’re monitoring the master thread and trying to kill off all the extraneous branch offs.

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