Character Migration WOTLK Classic

“An error was encountered. Please come back later.”

You may need to relog and try it again, Yardwrangler. The mail shouldn’t stop it now, but I can’t guarantee something else may not.

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So what do I do? Is there a way to tell that it is in transit? Or am i just out of luck on Character Migration?

Trying to transfer my druid off of Faerlina but cant log in to buy transfer. Is there another option besides in game?

I know they implemented an option to transfer while in-queue for one of the previous rounds of FCTs, is that not available this time around?

It is, but Im wanting to go to a server thats not FCT, so I cant access actual Transfers

For that I think you would go to the actual server you want and use the in game shop.

Understandable. I don’t believe there’s an alternative to being in-game for those, then.

You could also just go to a server that has a low population for a quick login and use the ingame shop that way. Pick your server and your character and the destination server.


I didnt even think of that. Genius and it worked! Thank you!!!


No problem. Now if only my FCT would work.


rooting for you!

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Atleast someone is. I’m not, I’m a coin flip away from not playing for a month just to see log in queues die down.

Can you cancel my transfer, I didn’t realize the transfer was going to take 4 hours. Mankrik Druid name Amynla

To be fair all digital purchases can take up 2 24hrs to go thru there usualy instant but sometimes they take some time only way to cancel the transfer would be to request a refund ur probably better waiting for the transfer to go thru.

Hey my druid Amynla is lost in the nether. I did a free migration and it’s nowhere to be found, can you just restore it to my original server Mankrik?

Looks like she is on Old Blanchy

I am having the same issue. Trying to transfer from Faerlina to Earthfury but it says I’m the captain of an arena team when I don’t even have an arena team. Please help

I’m sorry, Bitcoiner, there isn’t anything we can do about arena teams. You need to log in and disband or leave the team. We are simply unable to do that for you.

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