[Classic] Can't transfer character, mailbox full

Can you delete the mail so I can transfer today?

No, I’m afraid not. This is not a contact point for in-game support. You can submit a ticket and a Game Master can take a look though. You can use this category, just be sure to fill out the description that you want the quest mail deleted so you can transfer.


I have the same issue, made a ticket that hasn’t been responded to yet. I even abandoned all quests

That won’t address mail that’s already been sent by a quest NPC. :frowning:

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I only had uncompleted PVP quests. I tried this last week and it didn’t work. So i’ve waited WELL over 24-48 hours.

Do you have any players on Ignore? The mail could be from them.

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Not a single person is on my ignore list

kk, then hopefully a blue (or a Game Master if you open a ticket) can clarify it. :slight_smile:

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Did you resolve the issue, Mancowmoo? it looks like you abandoned the tickets you had in.

I don’t see any mail on the character, so hopefully it was able to be cleared or no longer is an issue.

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I am having this exact issue- can’t transfer, because it says I have mail. But have none, at all!

I have opened a ticket over a day ago (US81476647) but so far no news?

Haven’t done a single quest pending an NPC mail that I can think of. Even canceled my entire quest log.

I’'m not in a guild, not in a PVP team, no auctions, no COD’s.

I managed to move 5 toons from Netherwind to faerlina, except this one!!! (Exarch, 70 BElf Pally). Any leads? Thanks!!!

You completed Honoring a Hero last week, which sends you a letter with the Bounty of the Harvest attached, looks like about a week later. It should actually show up around 8 pm pdt today. Once you receive it you should be able to clear out your mailbox.


Hey, that makes total sense. Phew.

However, I think I turned that in only 2-3 days ago! Is it literally A WEEK after?! :oof:

I really need to transfer before thursday… reckon that will be possible?


Sorry, looks like it’s a 48-72 hour delivery time on that one. I was looking at when you picked the quest up, not when you turned it in.


Oh, wait, so it’s 72Hs. from now still? Isn’t there a way to remove this incoming mail, or cancel it?

It’d be terrible to miss raid, and be unable to transfer, because of this dynamic. Really a big inconvenient as we do this once a week and It’d imply me losing like 10 days.

There’s also a transfer discount i’d be missing on, and so forth.

I beg of you, can’t you manually push this or move my toon somehow?

As I mentioned in my first response, the mail should be delivered around 8 pm PDT today.


If that is the case, problem solved…! Thanks a whole lot. Will keep an eye open for it.

Have a great one ahead!


same, I am stuck on a 6 hour Q time on grobbulus and can’t use the free transfer to go to a lower pop server so I can actually play the game. Honestly, just want the mail deleted so I can actually play

I’m having the same issue - Have to assume it was a quest that sent me mail but it’s been over 24 hours since I finished one that would prompt it and still not able to transfer.

There is a master thread that is being actively monitored by our SFAs. They’ve gone for the night but will pick back up in the morning. Please post over there, they’re trying to keep requests in the one thread rather than having countless threads all over the place.

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