Character Migration WOTLK Classic - Mail Delete Request


Yeah I am sure. I imagine it amounts to little gold. No worries :slight_smile:

Gone now, mail shouldn’t hold it up.

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Thank you very much for your time! Everything is moving forward.

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Hi @Orlyia,

Could you also delete all my mail/auction house stuff so I can transfer as well!

Probably wont happen till morning shes gone home for the nite.

id need that also please

for my pally kindabeefy on benediction

You will have to wait till morning as she has left the building.

You in the building?

/me pickpockets blazinjay but only gets pocket lint. And no im not a blizzard employee.

you might find a blazin j in there if you can get my character transferred

Jartimert on benediction if anyone is around

Orlyia has left for the night, so they will likely pick back up in the morning.


I am trying to character migrate my Shaman named Ahdoniss off of Benediction but cannot due to mail in my mailbox. I was in a queue for hours and it seemed like there would be many more to go.

Could I have my mail deleted so I can transfer? I am content with losing whatever (likely junk) is in my mailbox. Thank you for your time!

I am afraid the above is true. Orlyia is off work for the night. They don’t have overnight forum coverage.

You can try a ticket but those are many days in queue or tomorrow someone should be in again.

The forums are not normally a means to get this done, but with the current issues it seems like they empowered the forum support folks to help out a bit during shift.

Hopefully tomorrow someone can get to it.


You will have to wait till morning theres no blues till morning.

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Ah okay, well thank you for responding.

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Linguinii male dwarf warrior - Benediction. Thank you!

You appear to have a number of expired auctions, Fansworth. We can delete them but they will not be recoverable if that happens.

… nevermind, it looks like you posted in the other thread while I was typing this…

So, in order to avoid having about 20 different threads I’m going to lock this one. Please post in the current active thread :