[H][US][Tichondrius] <is raidin> CE CN 10/10M SoD LF DPS Wed/Thurs 5-9PM PST

Is Raidin is a group of many longtime CE raiders. We are looking to progress into next tier as a top 150 US or better team.

Our raid times are Wed/Thurs 5-9PM PST, and during the start of next tier we will be likely be doing some optional extra days for heroic clears (usually Tuesday or Friday). We also regularly push high M+ as a guild (we ask that you complete at least 4 15’s each week for the vault bonus during progression), and we have some high end PVP players who regularly PVP here as well. While we are open to recruit any exceptional raiders, the following roles are currently top priorities:

Melee DPS

Ranged DPS
Shadow Priest

To save time for everyone, we also have a list of requirements and expectations.

  1. We are taking raiders with high end, preferably CE raiding experience.
  2. You will need to provide logs.
  3. You must be able to make 95%+ attendance, as well as provide post-outs in advance.
  4. You must be willing to xfer to our server to trial here. We do not do cross-realm trials.
  5. You must be willing to review our in depth raid-strats channel (provided in Discord).
  6. You must be able to take constructive criticism.
  7. You must be willing to sit occasionally. We have a roster of always around 25+ raiders to make sure we can bring the best comp to any fight, and we will ensure all regular raiders get every kill they need.

If interested, please reach out to Cyberz on Discord or Bnet. Please also fill out this application form to be considered: https://forms.gle/pG8fWDwy13RuXqnc6

Cyberz’s Contact Info
Discord: Cyberz#0339
Bnet: Cyberz#11856

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If anyone interested fits one of the above roles and has previous CE experience, we are happy to help pump gear into qualified candidates. We also do H CN alt runs as well as M CN BE runs.

We are one of the few guilds that has needs for melee DPS atm. Hit us up!

Just got mythic hungering destroyer tonight with 4 pugs. Especially big priority going to disc priests!

Changed what our class priorities, but still accepting all exceptional raiders for trial.

Extra priority is going to melee DPS that fit the above classes mentioned.

A holy pally with ret offspec and the melee listed above would be incredible!

Our melee spots have mostly filled with new recruits, so primarily looking for ranged and a holy paladin at this time. A geared and exceptional WW monk for melee would also be considered.

Last minute changes have given us a huge need for an affi lock or two. Extra priority to a good affi lock!

Expecting to be 5/10M tonight (30% on Inerva within an hour of pulls), and needing more ranged for Council and Sludgefist.

And 5/10M with less than 90 minutes of raid time on Inerva! We’re making progress fast, and filling up our bench faster. Hit us up if the raid times work for you as we work on M Arti!

Hi dude! Me and my group of friends are looking for a new guild! We consist of 3 rdps (aff lock, fire mage, spriest w/ disc flex) and 1 mdps (rogue transitioning to uh DK). We are currently 3/10M and hoping to find a new guild that shares our desire for CE. If you’d like to chat, feel free to hit me up on disc and I can give you more details. Narkobear#8995

Our healing core is looking to be done with trials. We are open to bringing in a few more DPS with the roles specified in my top post as trials. Hit me up if interested!

A few more ranged spots have opened up. Open to 1-2 boomies if they have exceptional logs as we prepare for ranged heavy fights like Council and Sludge.

Got M Arti on our first night of prog! We are steam rolling, and now definitely need some excellent parsing ranged for Council and Sludge.

We are looking for 1 exceptional UH DK for M Council, and 1 exceptional ranged in preparation for M Sludgefist. Please see the updated original post for more specifics.

Hey, Feral main here looking to move into mythic progression. I added you on discord to hopefully have a conversation. AOTC and have logs, thanks! (Discord is Takesen#8476)

Hey Flarpy,
Fire mage here. Just swapped back to my old main spec, so I’m only ilvl 215, but most of my logs are 95+ for ilvl and some 99s. In 1-2 weeks I should be around 220+ ilvl. Currently 3/10M. I’d love to talk to you over discord some time! Bellefeu#2658

Thank you for the replies! As a reminder, we are looking at 1 exceptional ranged, and an exceptional UH DK.

I spoke to someone in your guild. He said u guys might be interested in me and my friend.