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Experienced group LF guild
Six returning players LF like-minded folks for SL
[H] Will Realm Transfer | Holy & Prot Paladin's LF Raiding Guild
Small group LF raiding guild Horde/Alliance
Resto Druid LF home
Pair of Players looking for new home
(H) Mistweaver Monk looking for raiding guild
[H] Tank looking for AOTC Team
BM hunter LF weekend Guild
[A][EST][US] LF raiding guild for a resto/moonkin druid and hunter
[h] returning CE player rdruid/priest/warlock lf ce guild for sl!
[H] Returning player looking to raid in SL
Druid Healer LF Guild to Raid with in SL
Looking for a guild/home
2 players LF mythic team for Shadowlands
Looking for raid guild in sl
Flexrole Player Looking For Active Guild
Looking for friday-sunday raiding
Returning Player looking for home
Returning Player looking for weekends
Resto Shaman LF Raiding Guild
[H] A52, Duo Healers LF Guild
LF AoTc minded guild for SL
Looking for a fresh start in SL
(A) Resto Sham LF Guild for SL
[H-A] Returning Player LF Casual-Semi HC'ish Raid Guild
New to raiding LF guild to go hard with
Tank LF Guild
LF raiding guild for shadowlands
Hpal LF Raiding guild for SL
LF raid team for SL
Paladin LF AotC Guild
Warlock/Druid LF Home for SL
Lf Raiding Guild Alliance side preferred but will consider horde
Returning player looking for a new home
Monk Tank lf Raiding Home for SL
Returning Player Looking for Guild
[US] [H A] 2 Players Looking For Semi-Hardcore Guild For SL
Healer looking for group (Horde prefered)
MW/BM Monk-Disc/Shadow Priest LF Guild
[H/A]Returning Players Looking for Shadowlands Guild
Multi class looking for fri/sat raid
Returning player looking for a home in Shadowlands
Healer LF shadowlands raiding guild
Spriest/mage/warrior LF guild
Disc Priest and Tank(can play pal/mnk/DH) Looking for serious pushing mythic guild
DH/Lock LF SL Home
[H]Looking for a new home in SL pushing for AOTC and +
479 Resto Shaman - Exp up to Mythic N'Zoth
[A] Prot Pally/Hunter LFG
No longer needed
Want to find guild to heal for
Brew looking for a guild in SL
LF Guild - will play anything -2 days
Warlock LF Raiding Guild
Looking For New Home
RSham, Hpally LF AOTC raiding guild

Bump still looking for someone to steal away that OT role and some ranged dps.

Bump. Need some heals and a tank.

Bump for Mage, Spriest, Lock and a healer to finish out our roster

Would like a BRM Monk, caster dps, and a healer. Drop me a line. Launch in 3 weeks!

Any tank that isn’t a Blood DK is welcome!

Bump still recruiting!

Still looking for a tank and monk or pally heals

Bump for spriest and locks.

Bump for our last spot

bump for heals

2 more bosses down